How to braid your own hair
Image: KIRAYONAK YULIYA / Shutterstock

Like many other people, we do not have personal hairstylists on demand. And sometimes you really want to try something new by doing something different with it. Fashion bloggers on their YouTube tutorials make braiding your own hair look so easy and effortless. However, when you actually try to do this yourself, you are met with a great disappointment. Because it is not as simple as it looks. But today you will learn how to braid your own hair.

The Hair

When braiding your own hair, make sure that it is brushed and has no tangles. It is better to braid second or third-day hair rather than clean hair. Clean hair is very smooth and makes the braiding process more difficult as hair is more likely to slip out of your tight grip.

Regular braid

First, divide your hair into three equal sections. Then put the section from one side over the middle section, making it the middle section. Then put the section from the other side in the middle and continue. Once you get started it is easier. Make sure to always keep the sections separate and keep the braid tight. Once your braid is long enough to bring your braid to the side of your head, continue braiding till the end. Secure with elastic. Once you get the hang of it, you will do it in the blink of an eye, we promise.

How to braid your own hair in a fishtail braid

It is surprising how easy it is once you have gone through the process a few times. Divide your hair into two parts and keep them well separate. Take a small part from the outer edge of your hair, near the ear and cross it over to the opposite side. Take a small part from the other side and cross it over to the opposite side as well. Once you have transferred a couple of strands of hair tighten the braid up. Continue the process. The key here is to always take the hair from the outer edge and to always take small strands to keep the braid nice and intricate. Secure the end with elastic.

French braid

After becoming a pro with braiding, we will show you how to braid your own hair in a French braid. First, take the top part of your hair as if you want to do a half up, half down hairstyle. Start braiding as normal. After a few motions stop and add a little extra hair from the outer edge of your hair and braid it in. Add hair from the other side and continue the steps until you get to your neck. Continue braiding as normal. The trick is to keep all of the hair tightly together and not to lose grip of the strands. When you finish braiding and secure your hair, you can start loosening the strands to make the braids messier.

The key to how to braid your own hair is practice and more practice. Do it alone at home a couple of times just to get the routine down and it will be easy and effortless.