makeup palette
By: Dominique Godbout

It is something that has happened to all of us. You go shopping, find this very pretty dress, go try it out in the dressing room but alas, something about its color doesn’t quite complement your complexion. And, it’s not just about an outfit. The same scenario can be replayed when wearing a different shade of lipstick, eye shadow or jewelry. There being some hard rules governing one’s choice of makeup, clothing and jewelry, mastering your undertone will help a lot when it comes to choosing the right color palette for your skin.


Your undertone (color beneath your skin) takes three forms; warm, cool or neutral. Since this tone never changes, it’s the best way to determine which colors are perfect for you. While golden, peachy and yellow hues indicate that someone has a warm undertone; bluish, pink and red hues indicate that one has a cool tone. Neutral undertones encompass a mix of the two (warm and cool). It’s hence possible for two people to have the same skin tone but very different undertones. So how do you go about determining your tone

Usually, people who tend to tan quickly and easily have warm tones while ones who first burn before turning pink have cool tones (medium-skinned people first burn and tan but ones with fair skin only burn).

An alternative to finding what your undertone is through your hair and eye color: Warm toned individuals have black, brown, red or strawberry blonde hair and hazel, amber or brown eyes. On the other hand, cool toned individuals have black, brown or blonde hair and green, gray or blue eyes.

You may also get to know your exact undertone by looking at the veins inside your wrist. If the veins are greenish, then your undertone is warm and if they are bluish, then yours is a cool tone.


After you have known your undertone, the next step is to use the tone as a guide in choosing color palettes that best complement your skin. If you have a warm tone, oranges, browns, ivory, burgundy, warm reds and yellow-green clothes are the most perfect. However, if you have a cool tone, blue-based reds, magentas, emerald, pinks and plums are the most ideal.

In regards to jewelry, warm toned people will find gold, copper, pewter and brass great in bringing out their gorgeous and natural pigment. Jewelry with gold, orange, green, coral and turquoise colored stones are also as good. If you have a cool skin tone, white gold, silver and platinum jewelry will incredibly make you look more than elegant. Jewelries with magenta, purple, pink and blue stones will furthermore complement your skin tone.

In choosing lipstick for a warm tone individual, pick ones with a golden or orange-red color and if the person has a cool tone, choose ones with pink, purple or blue shades. Whether you have a warm, cool or neutral tone, you should never use ashy or pale accented lip colors.

When choosing foundation, warm toned people should use ones with a peach or yellow base while ones with a cool tone should go for pink or neutral base foundation.

When it comes to the eye shadow, women with a warm undertone will look great in bronze, copper or gold and this can be paired with either coral or warm peach blush. If cool toned, pink, silver, sapphire and emerald eye shadows will make your eyes pop and this can be paired with rosy or cool pink blush. Both warm and cool toned people can still use metallic and smoky eye shadow for it looks beautiful on all. For optimal results, it should be used sparingly.

What about neutral toned individuals? Well, if you are lucky enough to have a neutral undertone, then, you are free to wear colors that are suited for both cool and warm toned individuals.


Having understood this guide, you no longer have an excuse to continue wearing color palettes that don’t complement your complexion. So go ahead! Find your undertone, shop for color palettes that suit you and, wow the world!