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If you are using leather and accessories made from suede, then you know that it can be hard to clean properly when it gets dirty. Suede is leather that is made from the soft inner surface of the cow, pig, or deer. Some upholstery is made of suede.  Garments, handbags, shoes and suede jackets can add beauty to any wardrobe. There is no doubt that items made with suede are pricey and if you are not cleaning them properly, it can be a complicated task in getting those items back to the way they once were. So you need to know how to clean suede. Cleaning suede requires some smart skills and some DIY hacks.

In this article, we guide you on how to clean suede in the best way possible. Let’s have a better look at some lower-cost methods you can try.

How to clean suede: Cleaning the surface

Always test a small area prior to doing a full cleaning. The surface is more flexible and supple than full grain leather. To remove dirt, scuffs, or stains, you can start by rubbing the surface with a clean bath towel. This brings up the nap. For smaller dirt stains, rubbing the area gently with a damp towel dabbed with white vinegar and allowing it to dry should do the trick.

Blot wet stains by putting a paper towel on it and apply a weight on top of the towel. Do not rub and avoid using a chemical remover whenever possible. After the area has dried, use an eraser to work on the stain. Then use a clean towel or a suede brush to bring up the nap. These brushes are specifically designed for removing dirt and stains from shoes, jackets, and accessories and help to restore the suede to look like new. You need to brush the suede in the direction of the fabric gently for the best results.

Use a Suede Protectant Spray

Honestly want to know how to clean suede? Don’t get get it dirty in the first place. A protectant spray forms a barrier and will not affect the color or texture of the fabric. This is to avoid stains from water and other elements to cause damage to the suede. Protectant sprays may be purchased at any shoe or department store, or places that sell suede.  After the fabric is clean and dry, apply the protectant, making sure to cover the entire area without soaking it. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and allow it to dry. Moreover, if you wear your suede occasionally, then make it sure that you are using the protectant once a year to keep it in the best form. 

How how to clean suede: Getting Rid of Tougher Stains

If your suede has got some tough stains that you find difficult to remove like grease or blood, then you should know that there are few things that you can come up with to resolve the issue. A leather cleaner will help to remove those tough stains. When using leather cleaner, try to find one that uses natural ingredients. This will avoid further complications.

Stains of oil or grease can cause discoloration of the fabric, making them more difficult to remove if left unattended for too long.  It is best to treat these stains while they are fresh – the sooner, the better. All you will need is cornmeal or cornstarch, vinegar, and a soft cloth. Cover the stain with cornmeal or starch – this will soak up the grease or oil.  Continue this until a small residue remains.  Moisten the cloth with vinegar and rub the stain lightly. Do not soak the area. Allow the area to dry and use a suede brush to work the nap back up.

Do you have any tips for how to clean suede? Let us know in the comments.