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Image: Shutterstock/Dmitry Lobanov

The beauty blender is a sponge that allows you to apply both liquids and powders onto your face. Thanks to this egg-shaped sponge, it is possible to reach all the corners of the face to get an “air-brushed” look (that is to say, a basically flawless face). Knowing how to clean your beauty blender is pretty easy, but it’s still necessary to know how to use this sponge to its full advantage. With the beauty blender, toning your face is easier than ever. I don’t think it could get more simple, and the result is amazing.

To begin, you need to wet it. This step is essential before using the beauty blender. Otherwise it will not do its job properly, and you will use more makeup products in the end, since a dry sponge can soak up excess product. After that, you can then go ahead and apply your powder or liquid makeup on your face, or directly on the beauty blender. Then, bounce it on the skin to make it penetrate.

The use of the beauty blender is recommended for all liquids and for all powders, such as bronzing, highlighter, or blush. The result is never disappointing and always natural.

How to Clean Your Beauty Blender

Most makeup sponges are disposable and never need to be cleaned. The difference with a beauty sponge is that they are reusable, so we often forget that they need cleaning. To ensure good makeup hygiene, it is important to clean your blenders and brushes weekly because they can pick up dirt, bacteria, and facial oils in addition to your makeup. Spreading this on your skin is never pretty, but now how to clean your beauty blender? You can clean you beauty blender manually or through the use of a blender cleaner.

Manual Steps

1. Mix a little dishwashing liquid, a few drops of water, and some coconut oil for moisture.

2. Next, take your beauty blender to be cleaned and dip into the mixture.

3. Take it out of the mixture and rinse.

4. Keep rinsing and massaging the beauty mixer until it is clean and has no soap in it.

4. Then you have a perfectly clean beauty blender.

Steps using a Blender Cleanser

1. Wet your blender and put it in the blender cleaner. Make sure it is well coated.

2. Next, you’ll foam the cleaner all over your blender or brush.

3. Rinse your blender. During this process, you will see both pink and brown liquids swirling down the drain. You should also feel a difference in the texture of your blender.

4. Repeat these steps if your blender still needs a little love. The great thing about this cleaner is that you can use it for all your brushes. It really is a great investment because it will last forever and you will feel confident that it is gentle on your skin. Not only will the blender cleaner help to prevent breakouts, but it will also extend the life of your blender. Make the investment, buy the right product, and ultimately, it will save you a lot of pain.

An important note: the beauty blender isn’t your only option. There are tons of great brands that sell beauty sponges, like Real Techniques and Loréal. Try out a few and let us know what your favorites are!