How to do witch makeup
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Whether it is for Halloween, a costume party, a theater production or for starring in a movie, makeup styles should always be chosen according to the occasion. For some occasions, subtle makeup is needed. For others, heavy makeup is required for making a character stand out. Anyone can slip on a costume and head out to an event, but an impressive costume requires talent. Do you know to do witch makeup that displays this talent? Let’s begin the transformation with these simple steps.

How to do Witch Makeup

  1.  Getting the hair out of the way

The first thing to do is to tie the hair back into a ponytail. This would ensure that it does not get in the way while you are applying the makeup.

  1.   Prep the face

It is important that you start off on clean skin. Just like regular makeup, the skin should be clean and moisturized. Add a primer to ensure that your makeup stays put.

  1.   Paint the face

There are a few color choices for the face depending on the theme. You can choose from the traditional green-faced, the white-faced hag-like witch, or a glamorous and seductive witch. In most cases, the green paint is more preferable and we will use this color to illustrate. It is best to use water-based paint which is easier to remove.

Using a sponge, apply a thin coat to the entire face. Spread it out evenly in such a way that the paint looks like the natural skin. The natural skin should be visible just a bit.

  1.   Paint the neck

Spread the paint below the chin onto the neck and blend. Do not forget to apply a little on the ears. Cover the entire face area and thereafter proceed with adding additional makeup.

  1.   Which witch is which? Use yellow glitter to highlight

Rather than using yellow undertone, you can add a bit of yellow glitter on the face to create the look of a good witch. Dab the glitter lightly and sparingly using a small sponge. The yellow color would give a nice contrast to the green.

  1.   The right eye makeup and contouring

Create a crease beyond the eyelids. You can use either a black or purple color to give you a spookier look. You can apply the same purple shade onto the cheeks and forehead as an option.

  1.  Coloring the lips

You can go for a green lipstick to paint the lips. The green lipstick will complement the current look on the face. For a more gothic look, you can opt for a darker color for the lips.

  1.  Finishing touch

After that, observe the makeup and add the finishing touches to it. Normally when using a green color, you have to dilute it in such a way that it is a light green shade. Add wrinkles to the forehead and crow’s feet to the eyes using a fine brush or eyeliner to create a haggard witch look. Finish off with a few black moles on the chin and nose.

Do you have any tips on how to do witch makeup? Let us know in the comments how to do witch makeup.