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Interviews can be really intimidating, especially when it comes to picking out an outfit. You want to look professional, but also unique to stand out against other applicants. First impressions are everything, so make a hell of a good one the first time you walk into your potential workplace. Follow these basic guidelines when preparing for your interview, but feel free to switch anything up to make your look more personal.


What you wear to an interview depends on what kind of company you are working with. At a large corporate company, business professional is your best bet. A dark pencil skirt with a simple top and a blazer (optional) will give off a professional vibe. Make sure your skirt isn’t too short, and your top isn’t too low cut. You’re not trying to show off your body, you’re trying to show off your skills (even if your body is rockin’). If you’re not a skirt-wearing person, flattering dress pants will look great also. Wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

If the company is a little less intense and not corporate, still dress just as professionally. You want to look like a boss ass bitch no matter what, even if it’s a super small place you’re interviewing at. Being overdressed doesn’t exist in the professional world. Your interviewer will be impressed, not shocked at your professional (and stylish) outfit.

When it comes to jewelry, don’t go too overboard. Wearing six bracelets on each arm with a huge necklace probably isn’t necessary, but don’t lose your own personal style when toning it down. Rings are totally fine, as well as a simple necklace and small earrings. Keep it simple.


Makeup is a tough one to master for interviews. Do you contour and bake your face, or just wear a light BB cream? My piece of advice: do what makes you feel confident and comfortable. A smoky eye is probably going a little overboard, but otherwise do your simplest routine that still makes you look put together. Whether it’s just mascara alone or a light neutral eyeshadow look, whatever makes you feel most like yourself is best. Follow your gut, and maybe even ask a friend if you look too made up before you leave.


As for your hair on the day of your interview, once again keep it simple. If you’re not comfortable with keeping it natural, run a flat iron over it to smooth any flyways or kinky pieces. If you have extra time, add some loose curls throughout for an effortless look. You know your hair better than I do, so whatever looks best, do that. A professional ponytail would look nice as well if you don’t have time to spend on an entire hairstyle.

The best thing you can wear to an interview is a confident smile. Good luck!