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Despite it being the most common and simplest hairstyle, the one thing that we can all agree on is that it’s one of the plainest and most boring hairstyle there is. The interesting thing about a classic ponytail is, it can be easily transformed to create a more chic look that’s many are going to fall in love with. There being no rules on how to go about dressing-up your ponytail, there’s always room to embrace playfulness and creativity. Examples of ways through which you can make this happen are by:

1. Using Hair Accessories:

Using simple or complicated hair accessories to tie the ponytail will certainly make it more attractive. There being a whole load of accessories available, such as hair pins, ribbons, flowers and bands, finding a nice one shouldn’t be a problem. To make your look more interesting, you can find one that matches with or complements your outfit or other accessories.

2. Incorporating Skinny Braids:

Braiding your hair on either one or both sides of your head and using the braid to tie up the ponytail could surely revamp your entire look. Also, you could first create the classic ponytail look before braiding it into smaller sections. Always remember to loosen the braids after you done braiding so as to add volume to the ponytail.

3. Creating Two Ponytails:

This has nothing to do with pigtails. Instead, you can give your hair a more dynamic look by dividing it into two sections. The upper section (near the forehead) should consist of about 1/3 of your total hair volume. Tie the upper section with a band, let the ponytail fall on the second section and tie them together.

4. Adding Volume to the Ponytail:

There’s always something upsetting about long and thin ponytails. Fortunately, adding some volume in them through teasing or creating loose curls can help spice them up. Also, you can first make two pigtails and knot then together so as to create a little messy but incredibly stylish ponytail.