Beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom, how to fall asleep
Image: Shutterstock/lenetstan

How to fall asleep can be a problem for many people because many factors, including anxiety and stress, take away their sleep. When we are asleep, our body regenerates and repairs itself, our learning is consolidated, and a great reset of our emotions takes place. Therefore, sleeping well is one of the most important habits to maintain good physical and mental health. Every girl needs her beauty sleep to feel good inside and out.

If you are having difficulty sleeping, here are nine tips that will help you know how to fall asleep faster.

1. Warm up before sleeping

Relax your muscles by having a hot bath or shower. Not every night, of course, but from time to time, when the day has been particularly tiring and stressful, indulge yourself. The heat will calm a lot of your tension. If you want to know how to fall asleep quickly, this is among the surest ways.

2. Tidy up your room

A tidy room equals a quiet conscience. You will have much more trouble falling asleep in a disordered room. If everything is clear and orderly around you, your mind will be well set for an easy journey to dreamland. Learn how to feng shui your space here.

3. Prepare your business for the next day

You can sleep easily by having already prepared everything for the next day. You will also gain a few minutes of sleep the next morning. Set out your outfit for tomorrow, get your work or school bag packed, and even make breakfast so you can quickly grab it in the morning. Your mind will be at ease knowing that everything is in order.

4. Make a “to do list”

Update your lists of things to do throughout the day and evening. You will lie down with a clear idea of the schedule that will await you after a good night’s sleep. No need to stress.

5. Dress for comfort

What could be better than sleeping in soft pajamas and cozy sheets? Avoid materials that make you sweat, and instead, opt for a lightweight fabric, like cotton. This is a great detail of how to fall asleep and stay asleep.

6. Have a regular sleep rhythm

It is important to have a regular sleep rhythm. If you go to bed one day at 3 am, and the next day at 10 pm, your brain will have trouble understanding what is happening to you. Try to go to bed early every night, and if possible, around the same time every day. You will fall asleep much faster if you do this.

7. Spray a mist

Some odors such as lemon and lavender promote relaxation. This is very useful to calm your nerves down if you are troubled by insomnia during your bedtime. Spray a few spritz of a relaxing mist into your room and onto your pillow before sleeping. Our favorites are from EO essential oils.

8. Learn ventral breathing

Relaxation exercises are how to fall asleep quickly, period. Take a deep breath in the stomach. To get the deepest breath, your stomach should rise. When it expires, it descends gently. You relax your diaphragm and evacuate stress from your body. An unstoppable technique taught in yoga classes.

9. Read a book

At bedtime, you are strongly advised not to use your smartphone, tablet or other device. If you do not know what to do, open a book. Reading is relaxing, and it gives your mind a break from the day that has passed. Before your eyes close completely, remember to turn off the lights because sleeping with a light can accelerate aging.