How to fill in eyebrows
Image: Unsplash

If your eyebrows are less than ideal, you’re probably struggling with how to fill in eyebrows without looking like Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” Don’t worry. We won’t let you leave the house looking like that.

The 4 Problems With Eyebrows

There are four different types of problematic eyebrows that typically leave people trying to figure out how to fill in eyebrows.

  1. First, there is the ultra-blond eyebrow, which makes it hard to see the brows at all. Blonde eyebrows can be almost invisible, making your face look odd if you use any eye makeup at all. The effect is worse if you have natural darker hair except for your blonde eyebrows.
  2. Second, there are the eyebrows that just aren’t there. In most cases, they were victims of overplucking. In this case, an overzealous someone went crazy with the tweezers and somehow, the eyebrows never grew back.
  3. Third, there are the eyebrows that are there, but have less than ideal shape. Maybe there’s a tiny scar on the brow line where hair doesn’t grow, or there are weird gaps, making brows look poorly groomed or just plain odd looking.
  4. Finally, there are the eyebrows that are the perfect color, with a great line, but there just aren’t enough hairs to make them thick enough. Maybe the line is thin, or the hairs are just too fine to give a full appearance.

The good news is, there’s a solution for all four of these earth shattering eyebrow problems. Once you learn how to fill in eyebrows using the techniques described below, your eyebrows are going to look awesome from now on. Bet you can’t wait! Neither can we, so here goes.

Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel

Wunderbrow is a gel infused with synthetic “hair-like” fibers. You apply it with a brush wand that is similar to a mascara wand. Depending on who you are and what you do, you could get results that last up to three days. Once it dries, it’s waterproof and smudge proof. According to their marketing copy, Wunderbrow allows you to define, fill and thicken brows. It comes in five shades, which are jet black, black/brown, brunette, auburn, and blonde. At less than $25 a tube, it’s worth it to try more than one shade to ensure that you use the color that best suits your complexion and overall coloring.

Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow pencils have been used by women for decades. Your mom and grandmother each probably had an eyebrow pencil in their makeup drawers. Even if you choose a different eyebrow filling in solution, you should still keep an eyebrow pencil on hand for touchups – they’re that essential. Eyebrow pencils come in a hard style, much like a soft lead pencil, and a soft style, like of like a semi-hard eyeliner pencil. The hard style can be sharpened with an ordinary pencil sharpener, while the soft style usually comes either with a built-in sharpener, or doesn’t need to be sharpened at all.

Eyebrow pencils are great for extending brows, filling in areas that are sparse, or covering over tiny scars where hair doesn’t grow. They aren’t great at “creating” eyebrows. If you do that with an eyebrow pencil, it will literally look like you just drew on an eyebrow. Which you did.

Eyebrow Powders

Learning how to fill in eyebrows using powders can be tricky. If you aren’t careful, the fine powder can wind up flaking into your eyes or onto contact lenses. Another potential for error is dusting too much of the eyebrow, making your brows look thick and bushy.

Eyebrow powders usually come with an angled brush for artistry, but they can be difficult to master unless you’re accustomed to working with fine bristle brushes. You essentially brush on the powder and allow it to set. The powder is often waterproof, but it might not be smudge proof. For light duty, eyebrow powders are probably fine, though. The powder also helps to make eyebrows appear fuller, so if you suffer from areas where hair doesn’t grow, or sparse eyebrows, an eyebrow powder is a solution worth trying.

Toppik Brow Builders Set

This is our favorite product for building eyebrows that are non-existent or sparse. Toppik makes this amazing product for filling in eyebrows that is completely transformational. It’s a statically-charged powder made with natural keratin. Keratin is the protein that natural hair is made out of. It’s a lot different than regular eyebrow powder, because of this ingredient. Toppik stays on longer and adheres better to your own eyebrow hairs. It comes in three different shades, which are light brown, medium brown and dark brown. If you want to mix and match to make your own custom shade, you can totally do that at home. The product comes with a brow wax that you apply first. Then you dab the other end of the wand into the powder and dab onto your brows. You end up with shapely, defined brows that are as lush and full as you desire. This product is perfect if you have too light eyebrows, brows that are sparse, or brows with gaps.

Now that you know about all these ways for how to fill in eyebrows, it’s time to get started. Be sure to start with a clean face, and work with natural light whenever possible. If you have trouble getting in the details of filling in your eyebrows, consider getting one of those magnifying mirrors that hinges to your medicine cabinet or sits on your dressing table. Finally, be careful not to overcompensate and give yourself eyebrows that are too dark or too heavy. After you’re finishing fixing your eyebrows, it helps to get a second opinion from your roommate, friend or partner.

When you finally master how to fill in eyebrows, you can experiment with different looks for different occasions. Heavier brows are good for nights out, while understated brows work for days at the office. Good luck and have fun with it!