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How To Find The Right Blush Color

It’s no secret that certain foundation and concealers work with certain skin types, and blush is not so different. Different skin tones do seem to fit best with certain blushes. Chances are, you’ve seen the disastrous results of not getting your blush shade right. Get a blush that looks too harsh for your skin tone and your makeup just looks garish. Get a blush that’s too light, and it barely even makes an impact. With that in mind, below is your guide on how to find the right blush for your skin tone.

Choose Light Colors For Light Skin

Have fair skin? You’ll want to opt for subtle pinks, peach shades and light corals. Even then, go light on how much you use. You want your blush to act as a subtle accent, not scream for attention. When you’re looking at blush types, make sure especially to go light on cream or stain blushes, which offer the most durable and noticeable color. You may even want to err on the side of light powder, which will give a more subtle and slightly translucent look.

Medium Tones Should Go Deeper

Medium skin types should still err on the side of pinks and peaches, as anything else will still look too unnatural and harsh. However, you can get away with the deeper shades like richer pinks and deeper peaches, and even shades like apricot. Light mauves are even an option. Just like the color, you can go slightly darker and heavier with blush application, and heavy cream blushes may be more your friend than lighter powder blushes.

Olive Skin Tones Should Focus On Warm Shades

Olive skin tones are characterized by their green undertones, so the ideal for blush is to cancel out the green tones and add warmth to a look. Make sure to opt for warmer blush shades that are in the medium range, otherwise blush tones could look too overbearing. Warm peaches look especially ravishing on olive skin tones, and bright roses are a lovely option. You also can’t go wrong with bronze on olive tones for a more nude look. Cream and stain blushes or powder blushes both work.

Dark Skin Can Rock Deep & Bright Shades

If you have darker skin, it makes sense to use the deeper shades so that color can pop and accent your cheeks. Pinks and peaches may even make you look washed out. Shades like red, brown, raisin and orange are good choices. Also, browns and deep bronzes look stunning with a nude makeup look on dark skin. Stain and cream blushes work great here to make sure that color sticks, stays and shines all day.