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In our opinion, Thanksgiving, and any holiday really, is just an exciting opportunity to try out new makeup trends and dress up extra fancy. For Thanksgiving think chunky neutral sweaters, jeweled or patterned leggings, and a deep plum lipstick. Pair a creamy gold eyeshadow and peach blush with that plum lipstick and you’ve got yourself a celebrity-style Thanksgiving look!

The only problem with taking extra time to make yourself look glamorous on Thanksgiving day is that food is often your hair and makeup’s worst enemy. Fear not! We have professional food-proofing tips from Umberto Savone, celebrity hairstylist and founder of UMBERTO Beverly Hills hair care sold at, and Kerrie Quinby, Director of Artistry for Colorscience, a 100% healthy, beautiful color cosmetics infused with ultimate sun protection and superior skincare ingredients.

We’ve also included our review of VENeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment, which will be every girl’s best friend this holiday season, especially when it comes to keeping your lipstick in place slice after slice of pumpkin pie.

How to food-proof your hair

Courtesy of Umberto Savone
Image: Courtesy of Umberto Savone

Yes, curly, luscious locks are elegant for a holiday dinner, but they do you no favors when you’re trying to gorge on turkey and sweet potato casserole. Simply put: keep your hair out of your face. Celebrity hairstylist Umberto Savone says, “Use large vintage clips to hold up your pony tail, or hair from your face vs. the traditional hair tie. This, as well as tying your hair in a knot is a simple and easy style to keep hair out of your face.” By using vintage clips you’re adding mega style to your entire look while strategically placing your hair back. Ponytails can get boring, so styling your hair back with clips like these will have you feeling as regal as Blair Waldorf.

How to food-proof your makeup

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Don’t let your makeup hold you back from enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner. Keep your lipstick, foundation, and blush in place no matter how full your plate is. Follow Kerrie Quinby’s advice, “Darker lips start to pop up near the holidays. A few tips on keeping your lip on longer is to start with the lip covered in liquid foundation. Then, line the entire lip and slightly dust with a light powder, add lip color blot with a tissue and lightly power again. Lastly dap a little more lip color right in the center of the lip. This layering of lip products and powder help give a “kiss” proof long lasting holiday lip! Who has time to reapply when cooking a turkey or getting caught under the mistletoe?”

“Long lasting foundation works the same, build in layers and set! Colorescience Setting Mist helps makeup last longer and can quickly refresh your face before and after Thanksgiving dinner!”

Quinby says, “Start with a cream or liquid foundation, then set with powder and finish with a setting mist. For long holiday type of days, skip heavy moisturizers in the morning—try something light weight. Also, if you can skip cream under eye concealer and opt for a powder version (try Colorescience Corrector Pallet for long lasting correction all over the face). The cream option is nice for hydration, but not great for a long day and can pull mascara and liner under the eyes.”

“Lastly,” Quinby says, “keep your look simple. Try a strong gel eyeliner at the base of the lid, try for a water resistant version and skip lots of eye shadow. This look is not only easy but also long-lasting. Strong lips and a black gel eyeliner at the base of the lash line is a perfect holiday look! (Use the Colorescience Gel Liner).”

How to prevent lipstick bleeding

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

Keep your lipstick exactly where you want it with the help of VENeffect’s Anti-Aging Lip Treatment. The treatment works on both the lips as well as the area surrounding the lips. I apply it on my lips, but make sure it covers the skin around the lips too. My lips have become noticeably more hydrated and plumped. The formula will also reduce the appearance of vertical lines, which keeps lipstick from bleeding when applied after using the VENeffect treatment. Apply on your lips and about 1/2 inch around the lip area both morning and night. Reapply throughout the day as needed for moisture and to enhance fullness.