How to get clear skin fast
Image: Subbotina Anna / Shutterstock

Everyone desires to make a great first impression in the dating world. They focus on their physicality along with displaying their charming personality! One thing for sure is that the face always stands out first when you meet someone. There is the pressure to achieve the right weight and wearing the right clothes to look your best. Everybody wants to be the center of attention in the crowds or around town. On the flip side, everything we just listed above is useless when one is suffering from problematic skin. But, do you know how to get clear skin fast?

One often loses their feeling of self-esteem when they do not have clear skin. For many reasons, people get acne or spots on their skin that make them feel unattractive in the dating world.

Some frailty in the skin takes a longer time to get healed. There are many beauty parlors that scrub the customers’ skin using clearing medications or other products. The problem is that one cannot go to the parlors every day or every time a pimple or spot develops. In this context, we have listed a few solutions on how to get clear skin fast, and glowing skin in no time. These solutions are a healthier alternative without the risk of side effects which sometimes come from the use of chemicals.

Five solutions for how to get clear skin fast:

First Solution:

  • You can mix baking soda with lemon juice or water and scrub the face for a few minutes.
  • Afterwards, use warm water to rinse off the face. Take a soft towel to pat dry.
  • You should repeat this regimen two or three times a day.

By following these steps, you will begin to see results after a week or two – depending on the severity of the spots.

Second Solution:

  • Use 2 teaspoons or more of salt. Mix the salt with olive oil.
  • Mix the two ingredients until it forms a paste.
  • Rub the face gently. It will exfoliate the dead cells to make the skin clearer.

Third Solution:

  • Wash one handful of neem leaves so that it removes the dirt.
  • Then grind the leaves into a paste by adding a little water.
  • Put the paste on your skin. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes.
  • Lastly, use cold water to wash the face.

Note: You can also drink neem juice daily for faster results.

Fourth Solution:

  • You can apply raw honey directly on your skin.
  • Leave it until it naturally dries. Rinse the honey off with water.
  • It will make your skin glow and clear in short time.

Note: You can apply it once daily.

Fifth Solution:

  • Look for natural, organic soap or cleaners which especially formulated for acne-prone skin.
  • Do not use facial cleaners with too many harsh chemicals, especially alcohol. It can do more harm than good and dry out your skin. Using such natural soap (like African black soap) will clear up your skin fast and in shorter time.

These are our favorite solutions for how to get clear skin fast. What are some of your favorite ideas? let us know in the comments.