blue hair

Blue hair is definitely on the wildest side of fashion hair. Nothing about it comes close to looking even remotely natural, and that’s why it’s so stunning. Yet, if you’re required to be in more conservative environments like certain offices, dying all your hair a stunning sky blue might not be in the cards right this moment.

So that’s where peekaboo blue hair comes in. It’s simply a way of dying hair blue so that the strands that are blue can be hidden or downplayed when needed. For instance, a bottom layer of the hair might be bright blue or just a few chunky strands might be blue. The hair can be worn down or tied back to hide the blue part.

To get this look, you’ll need a home hair bleaching kit if you don’t already have very light hair. A brilliant, unnatural color like blue isn’t going to show up on un-dyed (or “virgin”) hair.

You’ll then need to bleach the part of your hair that you plan to apply the blue to. To make it easier, pin the hair you’re not dying back. You can also place the hair you are bleaching onto tinfoil, and then wrap that strand in the foil while processing. Then once the bleach has processed and you’ve washed it out, you can apply a fashion dye like Manic Panic, Special Effects or something similar.

If you’re going for a dark blue, Splat has a new Midnight line of fashion hair dyes designed for dark hair with no bleach needed, and there’s a “Midnight Indigo” shade. It’s available in department stores like Target.

Now that you know how to get this look, there are tons of ways to apply it. Below are some ideas to get you inspired.

Bright blue in dark lengths

bright blue in dark lengths hair
Image: Pinterest

One of the subtlest ways to wear this look is to have a few chunky highlights in the lengths of long, dark hair. Put this up in a bun hairstyle, and the highlights are mostly or completely hidden.

Blue and violet under-lights

blue and violet under-lights hair
Image: Pinterest

A popular look on Pinterest is to combine blue with violet highlights. This look goes in the lower layer of the hair so that hair has to be pulled up for the highlights to show.

Blue under blonde

blue under blonde hair highlights
Image: Pinterest

Hair doesn’t have to be super dark to wear this look. Blue under-lights also work in blonde hair. A white platinum and blue look stunning together.

Single under-lighted chunk


single under-lighted blue chunk hair
Image: Pinterest

Another super subtle look, this style just involves one chunk of bright blue under the hair. Then pulling the hair up reveals the little accent highlight.

Side under-lights

side under-lights blue hair
Image: Pinterest

Yet another way to hide blue highlights is to have a few on a bottom layer of the hair around the ear. Then pulling up the top layer of the hair reveals blue hair just on the sides.

Dark, muted blue in dark hair

dark muted blue in dark hair
Image: Pinterest

Another idea is to do a muted denim blue in the lengths of dark hair. It’s a fun look without being too loud. And again, it’s easy to tie up and hide.

Dark blue wispy highlights in black hair

dark blue wispy highlights in black hair
Image: Pinterest

A popular look is neon blue in wispy highlights that sits in midnight black hair. The highlights aren’t right at the roots, and they’re under a light upper layer of hair. The black base makes the bright blue really pop.

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