female face and eyes with false eyelashes
Image: Shutterstock/Vladimir Gjorgiev

How To Get Perfectly Long Lashes

Wish you could bat your eyelashes like Nicki Minaj? Maybe not necessarily that wild, but there is something to be said for gorgeous, thick and perfectly long lashes. Between mascaras, extensions and natural curling, it’s a lot to think about. Below is your guide for getting the longest, most attractive eyelashes.

Makeup Cheats

If you want to keep things more natural, you can use makeup to give yourself the appearance of longer eyelashes. Get any eyeliner that is a shade darker than your eyelash color. Using the eyeliner, draw a line at the base of your eyelashes. You may have to go under and above the lashes just a little bit. You’ll want to cover the area where your eyelashes meet the eyelid, which will make it look like you have thicker, perfectly long lashes.

Once you’ve completed that, add a creamy mascara that is labeled to add volume, and make sure it’s a high quality brand that won’t clump and run. Apply two or three coats, letting the mascara dry in between. That will make your eyelashes look longer and fuller, which is the whole point here. You can also brush the top, outer edge of your eyelashes with an eyelash comb between coats to give them a thicker look.


One of the easiest ways to make eyelashes look longer is to curl them. That will create a sort of optical illusion so that people are seeing the lashes curl upwards, making them look longer. Otherwise people are viewing them straight on, and they’ll look far shorter than they are. You’ll need an eyelash curling tool, which you can find at beauty supply stores. People usually complete this step after applying mascara and eyeliner.

To get the best results, clamp your eyelashes as close to your eyelid as possible, holding for several seconds. Then move out a bit farther along the lashes and clamp. Do this a couple more times, depending on how long your lashes are naturally.

Faux Lashes & Extensions

If your real lashes really aren’t doing it for you, you’ll want to call in the big guns and get some fake eyelashes. Most of these should come with instructions, but a common hack is to curl them before applying. Also trim them before application if they’re so long they look crazy. The kit should come with a basic adhesive you use to attach the eyelashes to your real ones. You then blend your natural lashes into the fake ones using mascara.

And then there’s the expensive and extensive way of getting perfectly long lashes: professional extensions. These cost around $100 to have completed and will last several months, as long as you are careful about not putting pressure on them.