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Blackheads can be very irritating. While they’re not as apparent as pimples or other acne, they are definitely one of the most annoying skin concerns. Blackheads are most often seen on the nose, cheeks, and chin area, but they may be obvious on other parts of the face as well.

Do you want to know how to get rid of blackheads the natural way, and with remedies that you can easily do at home? There is no need for you to spend a lot of money on treatments (unless you want instant results), but home remedies can get rid of blackheads quickly too.

Some facts about blackheads

There are some misconceptions about blackheads that should be cleared up immediately, so that you will have an idea of how you can prevent them.

    • A blackhead forms when your pores are open, and the sebum (oil) comes in contact with oxygen. The sebum then turns a dark black color.
    • When you scrub your face vigorously, you have a higher chance of increasing the number of blackheads on your face.
    • When you completely dry out your skin, your skin will compensate by producing more oil, which can lead to even more blackheads.


How to Get Rid of Blackheads Naturally

Note: using the home remedies we prescribe for how to get rid of blackheads should only be done about 2 – 3 times a week. If you do these home remedies more than that, you may end up having more blackheads than before.

Egg Whites

You already know that eggs can be good for the skin and hair, but this time you only need to use egg whites. They are known to provide the skin with vital nutrients that your skin may be lacking. Your skin will not get too dry when you do this remedy. Egg whites can also reduce and tighten your pores which can lessen the possibility of developing more blackheads.

Cinnamon and Honey

If you think that the combination of cinnamon and honey can only come in sweet foods, then you are mistaken. Together, they’re also effective in getting rid of stubborn blackheads. Make sure to mix the honey and the cinnamon together thoroughly before applying on the affected areas of your skin. The anti-bacterial properties of these two ingredients will help reduce the appearance of blackheads on your skin.

Fresh Water

Washing your face is something that you can do every day, and it will not dry out your skin too much. You can do masks and strips 2 – 3 times a week, but splashing your face with water can be done every single day. When you wash your face with water, make sure that you are gentle about it. You also need to apply moisturizer on your skin after, to prevent your skin from becoming too dry.

Now you know how to get rid of blackheads in a natural manner. There are still other home remedies you can try, and it will be up to you to choose which one you think is the most effective for your skin type.