How to Get Rid of Windburn

Windburns can be nasty. Most of us know that, and those who do not, we hope they never will. Today, we will explain on how to get rid of windburn and how to prevent one.

Windburns are irritations on the skin that happen due to being exposed to the cold, dry weather, and the wind. The natural oils are removed from the skin and because of this, you experience the side effects. Windburns usually hurt and the affected skin can get swollen and red. Some skin might peel off and the feeling is generally a very unpleasant experience. It can happen when you are outdoors in the cold for an extended amount of time, or if your work requires you to spend a lot of time outside in the cold wind. We really hope that these unpleasant side effects will not keep you imprisoned indoors!


The first step to preventing a windburn from happening is not allowing the skin to be exposed to cold winds. We are not telling you to stay indoors and never go out, but cover up your skin when you do. Wear layers of protective clothing as you need to cover up everything you can. Layering, layering, layering! One layer of protection is not enough.

Windburn affects the face most of all. You should cover the face with a scarf or a balaclava. Of course, it might clash with your fashion style, or be impractical when you go out for a run. Someone may mistake you for a bank robber fleeing the scene of a crime, but it is still a better option than a windburn.

However, it is not the only option. You can coat your face with protective skin care products, which contain heavier oils.

How to Get Rid of Windburn

If you have been unlucky enough to have one, here is the best advice on how to get rid of windburn.

  • Moisturize is the best remedy in this situation, as the skin craves moisture. Apply creams and oils a few times a day. Natural beauty products work best for this; Aloe Vera or coconut oil will help you to get rid of your windburn in no time. Products with fragrances in them will only irritate the skin further.
  • Clean the affected skin carefully. Do not use scrubs or other harsh peeling ingredients. Windburn should be treated gently.
  • Painkillers can also help your windburn heal faster. Ibuprofen, aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications will help to heal windburn and take the soreness away.
  • Another way to get rid of windburn is avoiding sudden temperature changes. Do not hurry to get into a hot bath or expose the affected area near the fireplace. Rapid changes in temperature might make the condition even worse. Let your skin get used to warm temperatures slowly, and then expose it to hotter environments.

If your skin is very swollen, do not hesitate to contact a doctor. It is better to get it looked at then to treat it yourself.

We hope that our advice can help you know how to get rid of windburn, and prevent any future ones.