sunset hair

If you’re looking for something special to do to your hair, one of the biggest hair trends to hit Pinterest is sunset hair. It’s a rainbow hair trend that takes the stunning colors of the brightest sunsets and puts them right into hair.

Hair with this look will often feature deep purple or blue bases. Ends of the strands will range from orange to pink to yellow to red, or all four. Even beyond that, there’s plenty of room for customization, since no two sunsets ever quite look exactly the same.

Since this look has a ton of highlights and color melting going on, it’s best to go to a salon for this one, unless you’re a pro at dying your hair rainbow hues at home. If you do try this at home, you’ll need to bleach your hair to the lightest blonde (if applicable), and then apply your different shades of fashion color dyes like Manic Panic to the appropriate strands. Either use hairpins to keep the hair separate or use foil to separate out the chucks of different colors.

Whether you do this at home or head to the salon, you’ll need some inspiration to get started. Here are several ways to wear this statement trend.

Rainbow sunset

rainbow sunset hair
Image: Pinterest

This is the most common look of sunset hair, and is something of a multilayered color melt. The hair starts deep purple at the roots, moves into a fiery red and ends in bright orange tips.

If you like sunset hair, you’ll love these black ombre looks.

Purple and orange/pink ombre

purple and orange/pink ombre hair
Image: Pinterest

This look melts a bright purple into pink and orange highlighted ends.

Dark with light streaks

dark with light streaks rainbow hair
Image: Pinterest

A really stunning look for long hair is to have midnight blue at the top. Then the ends have neon streaks of pink, orange and red.

Sunset ombre

sunset ombre rainbow hair
Image: Pinterest

A more subtle option is to have blue, pink and orange in a color melt pattern at the bottom of naturally colored hair.

Natural sunset ombre

natural sunset ombre hair
Image: Pinterest

A slightly more natural look is to start with dark roots that color melt into red around the top of the ears. The red then ends in a golden blonde at the tips.

Berry sunset

berry sunset ombre hair
Image: Pinterest

Still another look is to go for the warmer tones of the sunset in a dark pink to bright red color melt.

Sunset highlights for short hair

sunset highlights for short hair
Image: Pinterest

If you have short hair, sunset colors look great as chunky highlights in purple, pink, red, orange and yellow. It’s a true rainbow look.

Brightest sunset

bright sunset hair
Image: Pinterest

You can also go for the brightest shades of a sunset starting in bright pink, color melting to bright orange and ending in yellow and faded pastel pink highlights.

Red and gold sunset

red and gold sunset hair
Image: Pinterest

For another slightly more natural look, start with a deep red and fade that into gold and rose gold highlights at the bottom of the strands.

Neon sunset

neon sunset hair
Image: Pinterest

The boldest look on the list, this melts a brilliant neon pink into neon orange and neon pink highlighted lengths.