close-up portrait of smiling young woman with curly blond hair
Image: Shutterstock/lenaer

How To Get The Perfect Shade Of Blonde Hair For You

When it comes to choosing blonde hair, it may seem like you have only two options: platinum or gold. And those two shades fit everybody, given their popularity right? Not necessarily. Blonde hair has a lot of nuance to its shades, and like brunette and red shades, certain shades fit best with certain skin tones. Below is your guide for choosing the perfect shade of blonde for you, if you’re thinking of going lighter with your hair.

Silver Blonde

Not quite blonde, not quite granny hair, this punky color looks like it could have come right out of an anime. It carries overpoweringly silvery tones and has bits of very pale yellow mixed in. Silver is a wild statement color that’s meant to look unique and break the rules, so feel free to pair it with any skin tone.

White Blonde

This is about as pale of a yellow as you’ll ever see. It’s basically white, but has subtle tones of buttercup yellow mixed in. It’s hair’s answer to the “off-white” shade you’ll see in painting. When going this light in hair color, pair with fair skin for a natural look. Statement looks can get away with light hair against darker skin. Pair with warm undertones so as to not wash out your appearance.

Platinum Blonde

This classic shade is what most people think of when they think of the lightest blonde hair. At this point, you’re starting to see more yellow introduced, but the shade still has a gorgeous frosty look to it. This is still on the brighter side, so the same tone rules apply as with white blonde.

Golden Platinum

You’re probably starting to notice a pattern here. You guessed it: even more yellow. Hair is still a bright, frosty shade, but is starting to take on a gold appearance. Same rules apply as with white blonde.

Yellow Platinum

This is where you reach the tipping point, and yellow tones start to officially take over. It’s a meld between a warm shade (with the yellow) and hints of frosty platinum throughout. The combination of tones makes it a good choice for any skin tone.

Light Golden Blonde

Now the shades start to move into flat out golden hues. This is where blonde hair becomes overall warm in tone. As such, pair with cool skin tones.

Bright Golden Blonde

This is the shade that stands out when you think of blonde princesses with flowing golden locks. It’s a bright, golden hue and is as warm of a shade as blonde is going to get. Again, pair it with cool skin tones.

Dark Blonde

This dark hue is a warm shade that looks like aged, burnished gold and is stunning with skin that is on the darker side. It pairs very well with lighter highlights of bright gold. Cool skin tones will want to try this look.

Sandy Blonde

This shade stands out on its own. It’s a bit of a darker, ashy blonde color that’s, well, the color of sand. Pair with warm skin tones.


Blonde hair has a special talent for looking absolutely stunning with highlights. Adding highlights of a shade or two lighter gives hair a sun-kissed look and adds a ton of dimension to the look. Combining cool highlights with warmer strands also gives hair a balanced look that can go with any skin tone.