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How To Get The Perfect Shade Of Red Hair For You

Thinking of going a ravishing red with your hair color? When it comes to red hair color, there are a lot of shades from which to choose. Do you go a bold ruby, or a subtle strawberry blonde? Deepest plumb or a natural auburn? When choosing red hair, each shade carries its own base color requirements and looks best with certain skin tones. Luckily, there are so many different red shades, any skin tone can be paired with a flattering color.

Read up to discover the perfect shade of red hair for your skin tone!

Strawberry Blonde

Also known as “soft ginger,” this is a bright shade that carries light hues of red on blondish hair. It’s a subtle effect that will look great when layered over previously lighter hair. Darker shades will need to lift color first with bleach for this light tone. This red works great for anyone with warmer undertones like yellow, as it’s not too overpowering and is on the cooler side of the red shades.

Light Auburn

This shade tends to be on the more ambiguous side. A search for the shade will turn up radiant auburns and red-licked blondes. What most light auburn shades end up being is a light coppery brown shade that works well with olive and warm skin tones. Like the strawberry blonde, it has a more subtle hue that isn’t too warm and overpowering towards warmer skin undertones.

Copper Red

This shade works best with light skin tones. It adds warmth and color, and really makes features pop. It gives a natural look against light skin, as well. This shade will require either previously lighter hair, or those with dark hair will need to bleach first for bright copper shades to show up best.

Medium Auburn

This is a lovely, balanced shade that works with fair, neutral skin. It’s a gorgeous, natural look that will make anyone look like a Celtic princess. It also layers fairly well over previously medium brown shades.

Ruby Red

This statement color runs a bit more on the unnatural side, but works great if you’re looking for a stellar look that really pops. You’ll often find it labeled as blue red, ruby or velvet. This shade looks the best against dark skin, as the cooler undertones balance out the deep hues in the skin. Think Rihanna’s gorgeous ruby locks. It’s hard to think of ruby red as a cool tone, but it constitutes as one if it has a more violet or blue base. The cool nature of the shade also makes it great for skin with warmer undertones, as well. The punk rocker flame red ruby shades are meant to look wild and unique, so they can go with all skin types.

Dark Auburn

Dark auburn is an easy color to layer on top of previously dark hair. There are a couple ways you can go with this shade. A lot of box dyes labeled dark auburn will actually have cooler plumb shades to it. Opt for those if you have darker and/or warmer skin. Other dark auburn shades will look like a natural brown with red accents, almost like a deep red chestnut. This is a warmer look that goes well with cooler toned skin.

Plum Or Wine

Like cool ruby shades, plum and wine shades look best on darker skin. Bonus if you have previously dark hair, as it’s easier to layer this deep shade over dark hair. It also looks good with skin that has warm undertones, as these shades are on the cool end of the shade spectrum.