how to get volume at roots
Image: Miramiska

Having straight flat hair is now regarded as archaic since everyone now prefers having thick glamorous hair which is full of texture and body. Having this voluminous look involves loading up on hairspray and endless teasing. Although teasing hair covered in hairspray can lead to breakage, flyaways, and ultimately frizz, there are now a good number of healthy ways on how to get volume at roots for that desired look that will not put stress on your bank account or hair.

A lot of versatility in styling is achieved when your hair has more volume. When you have more to work with, most of the top knot hairstyles and popular braids are easy to maintain and create. Volumized hair gives the face a better frame and also improves the everyday look a little bit better. By following any one of these tips, you will gain a better understanding on how to get volume at roots, salon style.

Flipping the hair over:

How to get volume at roots when you blow-dry; flip the hair upside down for 15-30 seconds. To achieve a more concentrated air flow, you can use the concentrator attachment which comes with most dryers to help you focus the air where you want it.

While keeping the hair upside down, aim the hairdryer at the root by lifting individual sections of the hair. You may likely have a bit of a lion’s mane look after flipping your hair back but that should not raise concerns. This trick will give you volume that will last long regardless of whichever way you plan to style your hair.

Avoid heavy usage of products:

Considering the huge range of products in the market, it is quite a hard task to think of needing a separate product for heat protection, frizz, styling, and volume. If you are truly interested in maintaining your hair’s volume, the best thing to do is not to weigh it down with numerous products.

A lot of dangling and leave-in conditioner sprays will also antagonize frizz, neglecting the need of adding an extra oil based serum. Try to locate a multi-tasking product which will serve numerous purposes without adding too much weight. It is good to remember that when it comes to hair products, less is always more. Make sure you use just the right amount for your hair thickness and length.


There is need to refresh the hair from time to time just like the body. This helps to bring back the life in your hair with an occasional hair detox.

You can cleanse the scalp of any build-up by using a good shampoo that is clarifying once a week. Use a deep conditioner to keep the hair smooth after using a clarifying shampoo. This will avoid dangling. It is not recommended to use a clarifying shampoo too often because it tends to strip and fade the color of treated hair and result in dryness.

Air dry hair in a style:

It is quite hard to get the kind of volume hair dryers provide when hair is air-dried. The vital key to air drying is to ultimately obtain a high bun. While a single high bun leaves a dent in the middle of the hair, double high buns tend to leave you voluminous waves.

Part your hair down the center all the way to the back for achieving this style. After that, secure one side in a low ponytail while working with the other side. After that, brush the other section into a ponytail that is high towards the back and coil the hair until you create a bun and secure it with hair pins or elastics. Carry out the same procedure on the other side of the hair and you are good to go.

The above-listed tricks on how to get volume at roots are quite simple and would not affect the health of your hair. You can now carry out salon volume at home by applying any of these tricks.