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How To Keep Hair Healthy If You Sweat Daily

Do you work up a sweat at the gym on a daily basis? Well I’m sure you’ve heard about how showering every day is damaging to your hair. Before you freak out, it’s important to remember that what this actually means is that it’s bad to shampoo your hair daily, but you can rinse off as often as you need to, even if it’s twice a day. Whatever you do, don’t cut back on those workouts you look forward to so much just for the sake of your hair! You can have healthy, smooth and clean hair while still making the most of your gym membership.

Prep Your Hair

It sounds ridiculous to bother primping your hair before you hit the gym, but it actually helps your hair’s health in the long run. There’s no preventing sweaty hair during an intense workout, but you can decrease the amount of moisture by spraying dry shampoo on your roots before working up a sweat.

Going Outside? Use SPF

We hope you’re already applying sunscreen to your skin if you regularly workout outside, but you can’t forget about your hair. Forget the dry, itchy scalp and keep hair healthy with a protective sun veil like PHYTO PHYTOPLAGE Protective Sun Veil.

Your Ponytail Is Too Tight

We know how important it is to have flyaways and your short layers out of your face when you’re working out, but securing your ponytail super tight is a bad habit. Tight ponytails cause severe breakage, greatly damaging your locks. There are many other hairstyles you can replace your tight ponytail with. Try wearing a low side braid, side ponytail, or low ponytail with a headband instead. Keep it as loose as you can get away with and try a product like Invisibobble for something less likely to pull and tear at your hair while still keeping everything pulled back. Try these Invisibobble hacks!

Don’t Shampoo After Every Workout

As gross as it sounds, you’re actually not supposed to shampoo after each time you workout, no matter how much you sweat. With the popularity of heated workout classes it’s nearly impossible not to leave the gym completely drenched. But even if this is the case, you can rinse the sweat out of your hair without shampoo. Shampooing too often will strip your hair of natural oils and dry it out. Hop in the shower and condition just the ends of your hair. When your hair is dry spray some more dry shampoo along the roots to bring them back to life. No one will ever know you’re rocking post-gym hair!

To keep hair healthy, you should never cut out shampoo completely, especially if you workout often. Depending on how often you break a sweat will alter how often you should shampoo your roots. If you hit the gym daily then you may need to wash your hair every other day, but others can get away with 3-4 times a week.