Sometimes no matter how much sleep we think we get, it’s easy to feel exhausted as soon as 2 p.m. hits each day. We find ourselves guzzling cup after cup of coffee in efforts to revive our brains – or to just feel like a functioning human being. This is a really common issue. How can we avoid the midday slump?

Breaking news: Some of the things you subconsciously do are probably making you exhausted. We could all use a little more mindfulness in our lives. Here are 6 ways to keep your energy at a normal – or even super high level throughout your entire day.

Drink more water

Honestly, drinking water has the power to solve so many of the problems you may be dealing with. Whether it’s skin issues, fatigue, limp hair, or brittle nails, water can help. If you’re dehydrated, you’re going to feel more tired. As soon as you wake up, chug a glass of water. Not only is it going to quench the thirst your body is experiencing from being deprived of water all night, it’ll simply wake you up. Along with this, you should keep drinking throughout the day. If you think you’ve drank enough water, drink more. It’ll only help you feel energized throughout the day.

Step outside

If you’re in class or at work for hours at a time, or even the entire day, it’s totally okay to step out for a few minutes to see the sunlight. Staring at a screen inside all day can be exhausting alone, so getting some fresh air will do wonders for your mind and body.

Don’t overload yourself with caffeine

Caffeine can help our energy levels – in small doses. Mid-morning is the best time to enjoy your caffeine drink of choice, but try to keep it to about two cups. Overloading on too much caffeine can cause you to crash later, and even make you too jittery and anxious before the crash. Wean yourself down to 1-2 cups a day if you’re one of those crazy people who drink upwards of 5 (can’t say I’ve never done it).

Get a good night’s sleep

This one seems obvious, but sleep really does alter the way you feel all the time. NOT just the morning after you get a mere 4 hours. I go to bed early because I’m a grandmother, and I notice a huge difference if for some reason I get less sleep. I am a different person. The recommended amount of sleep a human needs is about 7 hours, so try to get a nighttime routine going that allows you to wind down a little earlier each night.

Keep your diet healthy-ish

Believe it or not, everything you put into your body affects the way you feel. Everything. If you’re constantly eating unhealthy foods, you’re going to feel sluggish and tired more often than not. Start by substituting unhealthy snacks with healthier ones, and aim to cook at least 3 healthy dinners a week. Starting slow will ensure that you stick with this pattern.

Exercise as much as you can

Working out even just a few times each week will do wonders for your energy levels. Moving your body is everything for your overall health, and trust me, you’ll notice a difference.

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