Beautiful woman in airport. Business travel background.
Image: Shutterstock/162430967

It’s pretty well-known that airplanes wreak havoc on a full face of makeup and styled hair. But let’s be real, even though we know this we are still going to do our hair and makeup, obviously. In order to not feel absolutely disgusting as you walk off the plane, try these few tips to save your hair and skin from the terrors of dry airplane air. Gross.

Here’s how to keep your beauty in check when traveling on an airplane.


Before heading to the airport, if you’re going to wear make up at all, try using a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a lighter layer over your skin. Full-coverage foundation can clog your pores easier and make it harder for your skin to breathe in the already dehydrated air. Try to be as minimal as possible. However, with things like mascara and brows, load it on! Some lashes and a killer brow game never hurt anyone.


Once you’re settled in your seat on the plane, it’s a good idea to remove any makeup you have on. Makeup wipes or light cleansing oils will be your best option for a quick and clean face. After removing everything, make sure you have your favorite moisturizer. As mentioned before, the recycled air on planes is extremely dry, so it will dehydrate your skin really quickly. Depending on the length of your flight, frequently applying eye creams and moisturizer will replenish your skin of any moisture and oxygen it may lose. Even using a sheet or clay face mask (if you’re brave enough) will keep moisture in your skin no matter how long you’re in the air.


Sitting in one position against a head rest for hours on end does no favors for your hair. If you find that it has become a bit flat from leaning back, try pulling it up and back into a top knot to give your roots more volume. Wet your fingers and run them throughout your roots before tying it up.

The dry air may also cause your hair’s frizziness to show itself once again. Pack a small bottle of hair oil in your carry-on and run a small amount throughout your hair to tame those tresses. If you don’t have any hair oil, body/hand lotion will work as well. After using on your hands or body, swipe the leftover lotion along the middle to bottom of your hair to reduce the poofy frizz.

Dry shampoo never hurts to have either! Whether your hair is lacking volume, is greasy or just doesn’t want to cooperate, dry shampoo offers texture and whips your hair into shape. Plus, it will make you smell better too, so that’s a plus.