How to lose body fat
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A question we get a lot around here, even though we’re mostly a beauty blog, is “Do you know How to lose body fat?”

It is a known fact that many people are searching for answers on how to lose body weight in the shortest amount of time. There are many books and products out there on the market offering solutions on rapid weight-loss. This is a very achievable goal but the problem is that in nearly all cases, the weight will return – guaranteed. The better question would be, “How to lose weight naturally and keep it off?” There are many answers to this but we will focus on two of them that actually work.

How to lose body fat: Nutrition

A change in the meal plan is the most difficult thing for people to do but it is a must. There are a few things that can be done in regards to your nutrition. The first thing is to reduce and eventually eliminate processed sugars, flours, starches, refined and processed foods and drinks from your meal plan. Here is a short list of the main things you should avoid; alcohol, cookies, chip, pop, crackers, bread, pasta, white rice, potatoes and other high glycemic carbohydrate foods.

The next thing you can do is to make sure that you are eating smaller meals more often. For instance, instead of the traditional huge breakfast, lunch, and dinner; divide them in five to seven smaller balanced meals every two to three hours. The reason for this is because the body can only digest so many nutrients at once. The rest is stored as fat or waste. This way is easier on the digestive system plus eating this way keeps the metabolism revved up all day, avoiding the energy slump.

It is equally important that you eat a balanced meal that includes all the essential nutrients. The body needs protein, fiber, healthy fats, low glycemic carbohydrates, water, vitamins, and minerals. They are called essential because the body need a certain amount of each nutrient to operate at the cellular level. If you wish to lose body fat, you need to be able to incorporate these foods into your meal plan every day.  Any lack thereof can be harmful to your health and stall any weight loss efforts.

How to lose body fat: Activity

If you are not already moving, you need to start. To lose, you have to create what is known as a negative energy balance. That is when the amount of energy taken (food) is less than the amount of energy spent (physical activity) daily. Resistance or cardiovascular training will cause you to burn calories. Those who do not like the gym setting can increase their activity by playing sports, taking the stairs or simply just parking in the far corner of the parking lot to walk.

Cardio generally refers to exercising or any sports activity that gets you moving. These activities help burn extra calories because you are working the largest muscle groups in the body. In addition to answering the question a of how to lose body fat, cardio will strengthen the heart, increase endurance, and improve your overall health. Try to build your cardio workouts to three 45-minute sessions per week. Allow 15 minutes post workout. After you reach your weight goal, focus on just eating healthier and getting stronger.

Resistance training is an effective activity when thinking about how to lose body fat. However, many people, particularly women, tend to avoid lifting weights when they are trying to lose because of fear of bulking up. This is simply not true. Lifting requires effort from various muscle groups which burns a ton of calories along with building extra muscle. This will help increase your basal metabolic rate. Muscle is active tissue that requires calories to sustain it. For each pound of muscle that you add, you could burn as much as 60 calories per day. Try to aim your resistance workouts to three times a week at the most to allow recovery time.

These tips are very useful in reducing fat naturally but you have to follow them with dedication and patience. The process is gradual so never lose heart. Always plan ahead and get enough sleep so that the body can have time to recuperate.