how to make a flower crown

Flowers are very useful in our lives. They are used in both happy occasions as well as in sad ones. Many things can be made from them like flower crowns, rose oils, essential oils, potpourri etc. Among these, the flower crown is the most popular. How to make a flower crown is an art that goes back almost as long as homo sapiens have been on earth. For this reason flower crowns are mainly used in holy places, pilgrimages, religious occasions, and also in ceremonies to make them more memorable and pleasurable. Wearing a flower crown is a symbol in most cultures. It takes on a meaning for the wearer on the religious side as well as the decorative side.

The flower crown is used especially in particular occasions like birthdays, marriage ceremonies, and so forth. For festive events, they are used in order to make the wearer the center of attention. A flower crown is put around the head. The meaning is to wish the wearer a happy, blooming life greeted with positivity. Overall, flowers are the symbols of good fortune and love. It connects the two hearts as well.

You can make the flower crown in different forms and styles you desire. You also could use suitable colors to portray a special meaning or a special wish. In general, the ladies wear flower crowns; however, men of foreign cultures are known to wear them too.

The flower crown is an expression of their uniqueness among all. The realness and the smell of these flowers create an environment that is happy, but do you know how to make a flower crown?

Here are the steps on how to make a flower crown for your next event:

  • Collecting the raw flowers: To make a flower crown, you will need the required items: raw, thin floral wire and tape, small flowers in suitable colors, and greenery with some thread to connect them.
  • Instructions: Take the floral wire and made it in the form of a circle. Then rest it on top of your head to choose which size you are going to create by loosening the wire around your head. Cut the access wire off and secure the wire in proper circle shape and tape the wire with the floral tape.
  • Pick out the green leaves: Choose your greenery and start the crown. The greenery will cover your wire. This will act as the base of the crown. Use floral tape or thread to the tape the greenery to your crown.
  • Add the flower: Make equal inches of flower stems to attach each flower to the crown. The stem should be wrapped with tape two times or more to be sure it will stay put. After taping the flower to the crown, you can add as many flowers as you like which will make give your flower crown more variety. Different types of flowers also can be added to make the crown more beautiful and fuller.

Note: You can make the style of the flower crown in different varieties, for example, the half crown. The procedure on how to make a flower crown will be the same, only the frame of the crown will be different