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Have you heard about garbage enzymes from a “hippie” friend or garden lover? If so, you may have been told about its fertilizer power. But, garbage enzymes can do much, much more. They can even be a helpful part of your beauty routine!

But, first…

What the Heck are Garbage Enzymes?

Sounds kind of gross, right? Well, it is important to know that the “garbage” we are talking about is really just fruit and veggie waste. It is nothing wretched or foul at all.

The enzymes serve as an amazing fertilizer for your garden, as well as an air freshener, pet shampoo, kitchen cleaner, and car shampoo. And, that’s the short list. Adding some to your detergent, dishwashing liquid, shampoo and/or body wash helps neutralize some of the strong chemicals. The solution is highly concentrated, so you will need to dilute it 500-1,000 times, depending on your needs.

How to Make Garbage Enzymes

It will take a few months to ferment. But, putting the ingredients together is a piece of cake.


  • 1 part brown sugar
  • 3 parts fruit peel
  • 6 parts water


  1. Add the fruit peel to the container.
  2. Add brown sugar.
  3. Fill the container with water. In the first four weeks, stir the concoction to release gasses and aid in the fermentation. After that, you only need to stir it one time every two weeks.
  4. After three months or longer, filter the concoction… and… voila! The remaining solids are your amazing new enzymes!

How to Use Them

There are many ways for you to use your enzymes. Here are some ideas:

Care for your skin and clothes

First, you need to dilute the solution of enzyme extract (1:10). Then, feel free to add it to shampoos, shower balms, dishwashers, and laundry soaps. The enzymes neutralize harmful chemical toxins in commercial cleansers and detergents. This protects the skin and prevents rashes, dry skin, or irritation.

Multipurpose cleaner

This stuff is antiseptic. That means that it kills germs. The cleaner will kill bacteria and repel mosquitoes, cockroaches, and even vermin. Dilute just a few tablespoons in a bucket of water and get your whole house sparkling. Germaphobes who hate chemical laden products—meet your new favorite household cleaner!

Cleans vegetables

Add a tiny amount of waste enzyme to your water when cleaning produce. It will rinse away pesticides and disinfect the fruits or veggies. It is kind of cool to think that you are cleaning the new vegetables or fruits with the waste from the ones that you have already eaten. Sort of a circle of life thing, don’t you think?


Dilute the enzyme 500-1,000 times and then it can be used for spraying plants and trees. It will nourish the soil and help the plants grow.

So there you have the basics of garbage enzymes, how they work, and what you can use them for. Nowadays, we come in contact with harsh chemicals far too often, so this is one way to cut back on that. It can help you to keep your skin and hair nourished on the outside while ensuring your environment and food is keeping you healthy on the inside. Sure it will take some patience for your batch to be ready, but good things take time. Give it a try!