Crushed eyeshadows and brush isolated on white
Image: Shutterstock/Africa Studio

How To Make Homemade, Natural Eye Shadow

There’s nothing like playing with the endless shades of eye shadow and seeing which one works best. Make it even more fun by creating and customizing your own natural eye shadow shades. There are a surprising amount of natural ingredients that make the perfect eye shadow.

A quick note on natural eye shadow: one recipe may not work for every skin type or climate zone (even humidity can affect the ingredients). With these recipes you may end up feeling a little like an alchemist. If the recipe doesn’t work for you, move on to another or make tweaks to the recipe to find something that does work. Always test the ingredients on your inner arm first to make sure you are not sensitive to them, and be careful to keep them out of your eyes.

Pink Eye Shadow

Combine four parts arrowroot powder (as a base) and four parts beetroot powder. Add one part cocoa powder to deepen the color slightly. Always combine the powders first and mix well. Then add two parts shea butter to give the eye shadow some substance and help it stick better, mushing the butter into the powder while stirring. Feel free to leave out the shea butter if you have oily skin or are in a more humid climate. Your skin may hold on to powder shadows easier that way, so you may not need the shea butter.

Mauve Eye Shadow

For more of a mauve shade, do the recipe above, but up the amount of beetroot powder to six parts and add six parts allspice. You can also experiment with other natural powders like hibiscus root to play around with the color.

Light Brown Eye Shadow

Light brown eye shadow is easy. Start with your arrowroot powder. Add as much cocoa powder as you wish for color; more cocoa powder will give you a deeper brown. Start with equal parts cocoa powder to arrowroot and work your way up from there to color preference. Then add half as much shea butter as you did arrowroot. Add more shea butter if you need the mixture to stick better.

Golden Brown Eye Shadow

Start with two parts arrowroot powder to one part shea butter, keeping the shea butter separate. Add one part turmeric and three parts nutmeg. Finish by adding the shea butter, more if you need the powder to hold better.

Green Eye Shadow

Natural spirulina powder will get you a gorgeous green shade. It’s a blue-green algae most often used as a dietary supplement, so you should be able to find it at health food stores. Combine it with arrowroot powder for lighter shades of green, and gradually add shea butter last if you want the powder to have more of a stickiness to it. Add the shea butter to preference.