how to make ripped jeans
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Do you need to to know how to make ripped jeans? It might sound silly but you don’t want them to look lame. We can help.

Ripped jeans have been popularly worn since the 70s. During this time, deforming jeans were very common among the youth. This was done purposely to make them stand out from the mainstream culture. In the end, it was realized that the mainstream culture later embraced wearing ripped jeans too.

In our American culture of today, knowing how to make ripped jeans has permeated all facets of life. Since the 70s, ripped jeans have been welcomed in different places throughout America – from the board room to the dorm room. So know how to make ripped jeans.

Since then, some people find pleasure in abusing jeans by ripping, bleaching, shrinking, shredding, and stone-washing them; while others find pleasure in that they can be embroidered, patched, painted, beaded and sequined.

Jeans are known to be the most durable type of fabric for making clothes. When ripped jeans were in style, they were most expensive on the market, and yet the demand for them was at an all-time high. The latest trend now is to buy ripped jeans and allow them to look so bad on you as though it has been worn for over a few months. But it’s better (and cheaper) to just know how to make ripped jeans.

How to make ripped jeans

Therefore, to make ripped jeans, the following are tips to get that done. The following are simple materials needed to get your jeans ripped.

  1. New jeans.
  2. A pair of scissors.
  3. Sandpaper and file.
  4. A safety pin, (large).
  5. Bleach, (which is optional).

Wash the jeans. You can do this with partially worn jeans also. If you are ripping newly bought jeans, then you need to wash your jeans for at least three to four times before wearing them.

You need to choose an area where you want them ripped. Likely areas to be ripped are the pockets, the knees, the sides of the buttocks, and the hips. Cut a small slit and cut out a tiny part with scissors where you want the ripping to appear.

Sand the fabric with sandpaper or using a nail file. If you choose to use sandpaper, select the hardest one. Scrub the sandpaper over the desired area.

Use a safety pin to make a rip on your jeans. To make a hole, use a safety pin to pull out some threads. In between the threads, you can put the pinpoints and then try pulling or ripping out the thread. Continue this same process until a hole is created on your jeans.

Scrub the denim once again and use the file or sandpaper to clear the edge of the ripped jeans.
After all this, have the jeans washed. A minimum of two times is good. To lighten the color of your jeans, add beach into the water. About a teaspoon of bleach into the water will work.

Now you can enjoy your ripped jeans and wear them although it will soon become unfashionable again. The jeans will soon become more ripped as you continue wearing them.

If you are doing this for the very first time, it may take some time to get the desired holes and rips on your jeans. It is advisable that you start the ripping using a pair of fairly damaged jeans until perfected.

Do you know how to make ripped jeans? What are you techniques? Let us know in the comments.