A woman lying at the end of the bed underneath the quilt and smiling, with her head resting upon her hand with the other in her hair.
Image: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia

Typically there are two reasons to wear bedhead hair: either you want to look like a total rebel or you really did wake up with crazy bedhead hair and you decided to steer right into that skid. Whatever the case, there are several ways to style hair to get the most out of this style. Below are two top ways for rocking that bedhead look.

Day two bedhead: intensive option

The trick to bedhead hair is to make it look tousled and effortless. Bedhead normally goes wrong when you end up with hair that is flat, looks like it’s in poor condition or is just riddled with cowlicks. To avoid that, you’ll need products and time.

This method works best if you’re rocking that second day clean, when you didn’t have time to wash or you’re trying to go lighter on the shampoo to avoid stripping hair of its natural oils. Simply brush your hair and then straighten it with a flatiron. Seems counterintuitive, as you’re trying to get messy hair here, but that will help straighten out any waves or random kinks that make hair look unhealthy and messy, rather than lightly tousled.

Apply a dry shampoo to your roots if you have greasy roots. Add an optional hair serum to the ends if you are prone to dry hair. Next use a volumizer at the roots, usually a powder product works best. Then add a styling paste to the lengths of your hair, rubbing the paste into your palms and scrunching it through your hair. Add more styling paste to several individual outer strands. That will give you the textured look. Then add in an optional flexible hairspray. There you have it: sexy bedhead hair that doesn’t look like a disaster.

Bedhead curls: easy option

If you want it even messier, try going for an all-out messy curl. This works on short and long hair, clean or slightly dirty. Start by applying a hair serum to avoid frizz curls. You’re looking for smooth, wavy texture here. Curl the outer layer of your hair just slightly so you have those textured waves. Done.

For some optional steps, apply a dry shampoo to your roots beforehand, if you need it. If you get your hair too curly, or you want it messier, try brushing out the curls slightly with a wide-pronged synthetic bristle brush. Add optional hairspray to keep the look all day.