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There’s nothing quite like an alluring metallic eye. Those shimmering shades go great any time of the year. Whether you’re looking to do gold, bronze, silver or a shimmery metallic version of red, blue or purple, below are some top tips to make sure your metallic eyes look great.

Know which shade to use for your skin tone

The first step is, of course, finding a decent shade of metallic eye shadow. You’ll notice there are high-glitter shades out there that try to pull themselves off as metallic. Try to veer towards classy and subtle metallic shades, like a basic silver, so you have more versatility in the look, unless you are going for a statement trend. A classy metallic eye can be worn out to a restaurant or even to the office.

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Like most makeup, your skin tone will also play a role here. If you have fair skin, you’ll look best with silvery shades. Olive skin tones look good with bronze and gold shades. Darker skin can get away with any shade, including bold metallic hues like shimmery blue. If you’re going for more of a statement look, however, you can get away with a thick application of any shade.

Basic application

Metallic eye shadow is fairly easy to get the hang of. It’s almost like any eye shadow, in that you apply it over your entire upper eyelid, all the way to the crease. Under most circumstances, the look could be too overbearing if you apply it all the way up to your eyebrow, however. Metallic eye shadow also looks best if you apply a thin line directly under your lower eyelid.

Going subtle

Sometimes a bright metallic eye shadow can be a bit intimidating. For those times, go for a cream-based eye shadow with a metallic shimmer to it. Blend it in lightly with your finger for a subtle look. Also opt for less flashy shades like a deep bronze.

Another option is to use metallic eye shadow just on the inside corner of your eye for a little bit of a highlighting effect. Gold works best for this effect.

Metallic smoky eye

One of the top trends for metallic shadow is to go for a smoky eye. It gives a blended look of iridescence. To get this look, you’ll want to start with a neutral basecoat or primer. Then apply the metallic eye shadow like you would a normal eye shadow over the eyelid, but go to just under the crease. Around the crease, apply a dark matte color. Start thicker on the outside and fade toward the inner corner with your dark shade. Apply the metallic shade in a thinner line right under the eye. As an optional step, using your finger or a brush, blend the two top colors together slightly. Blend the metallic shadow into the inner corner of the eye, as well.