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Image: Shutterstock/BeautyBlowFlow

How To Match Eye Shadow With Your Eye Color

When it comes to eye shadow shades, we really have a wide array of choices. Between gold, bright statement colors, bronze, natural beige, silver and just about any other type of color you can imagine, it might be tempting to just pick whatever eye shadow color holds your fancy on any given day.

But if you really want to accent your eyes, you’ll need to keep your eye color in mind, which tends to go with certain shades of eye shadow. That, at least, makes our choices in eye shadow that much easier. Below is your guide to matching your eye shadow with your eye color.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are basically chameleon eyes. They’ll go with any eye shadow. Blue and purple will really make brown eyes pop, however. If you’d like to keep eye shadow on the complementary side, opt for colors with a brown base, like a pink with a gold/brown undertone.

If you have gold flecks in your eyes, you may want to try a gold eye shadow to bring out that golden hue.

Blue Eyes

You might be tempted to reach for the blue eye shadow, thinking it will match your eyes and accent them, but that’s actually the last thing you should do. All that blue will just blend together and look overpowering. To really make your eyes pop, aim for earth tones like brown, slate or taupe. If you want to go more on the statement side, opt for purple and pink eye shadows for contrast to get those blue beauties to stand out. Orange undertones also work for contrast, like peach or apricot shades.

Green Eyes

To make green eyes really noticeable, again, go for contrast. That means opting for colors with a red undertone, like pinks, reddish browns, plums and wine shades. If you want a more neutral look, opt for a deep brown shade to make eyes pop in a more subtle, natural way.

Grey Eyes

Grey eyes, like brown, are on the neutral end of colors, so this means you can also wear a wide variety of eye shadow shades. You can give your grey eyes a slight accent with charcoal shades. Or go wilder with greens and purples that will make your eyes pop, but still remain on the cool-colored side. Browns look great against grey, as well. And, of course, you can also rock the bright shades since grey goes with anything.