Beautiful African girl with curly hair
Image: Shutterstock/Tobias Schenk

If you’ve ever changed your hair color, you’ll know one thing: not all lipsticks go with all hair colors. You may even find yourself staring into a mirror, wondering what doesn’t work and why. Then it clicks. It’s your lipstick. So whether you’re wearing a new hair color or wish to match your lipstick with your current hair color better, below are some tips for making hair and lip colors work together.

Blonde hair

Brighter lip colors complement blonde hair. Light and bright pinks, red-oranges and orangey peaches look divine with blonde hair. Cool complexions can get away with rose/deep pink shades.

Black hair

Generally, people with very dark hair should aim for a red with a brown base to it, like your warm spice shades. That will give warmth to your look. Cool complexions with dark hair can use even more warmth with bright cherry, plum and burgundy hues.

Brown hair

Brown hair looks great with bright makeup to spice up those medium shades, no matter the complexion, since more neutral medium hair shades lend greater versatility. Orange lips are a stunning surprise that add color to richer, darker hues of brunette hair. Bold, bright lipsticks like crimson are also a sound choice.

Red hair

Redheads will want to opt for lips that are more on the nude or natural side. Bright lip colors may compete with the bold, red tones in the hair too much. Yet if you want a more stunning, eye-grabbing option that veers into a statement look, look for a red lipstick that matches the bright tones of you hair.

Auburn hair

If you have red hair that’s more on the warmer brownish side, you can get away with brighter lip colors. Your hair is more muted and won’t compete with the lip color as much. A deep ruby or wine shade looks stunning.

Fashion colors

Have hair that’s on the statement side of looks? These will require a whole different way of looking at how lipstick and hair color work together. Since it is a statement look, you have a few options. You can go for wild contrast, complementary hues or reflect your hair color in your lipstick perfectly. Since it’s a statement look, it’s more preference than hard-and-fast rules. Yet if you need some guidelines for how brightly colored hair and lip shades go together, they are:

  • Orange hair: red-orange or faded tangerine lipstick shades
  • Pink hair: cool green lips or light lilac lips
  • Green hair: bright blue or bronze tones
  • Blue hair: deep crimson red or faded wine
  • Purple hair: deep plum or dark red
  • Lilac hair: light wine or faded ash purple
  • Grey hair: darkest red, bright purple or faded ash purple
  • Rainbow hair: match the least predominant shade at the front of your hair to create balance