how to pose for pictures
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Whenever it comes to posing in front of the camera, every person has his or her own unique style for how to pose for pictures. There are people who are photogenic, and then there are those, no matter how attractive they look, who cannot master that perfect pose or smile when camera flashes. If you happen to be in this category of people who don’t know how to pose for pictures, this article is for you. There are some amazing tips and tricks that can be applied that will help you to look great in every photo. There are multiple practices that you can involve in your style choice to make things a lot easier when taking pictures. Let’s have a better look at some important factors that can greatly enhance your photographs.

How to pose for pictures: Understand your angle

There is no doubt that every person has their own perfect angle. You can do some practices like standing in front of the mirror and putting both your hands to help cinch your waist. This will give the illusion of a defined waistline versus your arms and hands hanging loosely at the sides.

Focus on showing the best side of your face when standing in front of the camera. Learn to love the camera and make it sure that the camera is also loving you. It is one of the most important techniques that you should use for that perfect picture pose.

Work on your body posture

The next thing you will have to focus on is your body posture. For a great camera shot, make sure that you are improvising at every turn. If you are standing or sitting straight ahead, the camera will capture the whole body. One tip is to angle the body away from the camera at about 45 degrees. If standing, always push your weight onto the back foot. Tuck the arm that is not showing behind the back.  A person of a very thin frame can get away with posing straight-on towards the camera. Practice twisting or angling the arm that is showing in the camera to help create a more natural look that you are comfortable with.


  • Black and dark colors slenderize a fuller figure.
  • Stick with wearing modest colors so that your clothes will not become a distraction if the picture is taken on a darker background.
  • Wearing different shades of the same color for top and bottoms outfits will give an illusion of a slimmer figure.
  • Vertical stripes are more slimming than horizontal.
  • Wear well-fitting pants versus those that are too big. They will make you look larger in front of the camera.
  • For a larger waist, do not wear a belt. Do the hands pose to help cinch the waist.

Crossed ankles

Another great tip on taking a great photograph is crossed ankles. Crossing the ankles in a standing position gives a slimmer illusion because you are creating more of a vertical line with the body straight. If your ankles are crossed in a sitting pose, your thighs and calves will appear slimmer. This is one of the secrets that celebs use for the perfect pose. Do like they do and it will help you too!

Don’t be stressed

For some people, knowing how to pose for pictures can be daunting. The shoulders tense up without being aware of it. If you are feeling anxiety when standing in front of the camera, relax the shoulders and think of those moments that made you truly happy. This will help you to loosen up. Remember the funny moments that made you laugh or smile. These thoughts will help to take the stress out of the picture and bring on a more genuine smile. Spend some time practicing some postures in front of the mirror. Your newfound confidence will show the next time you say “cheese.”