I would love to say, “when I was a kid I had pimples…” but, I am 31 years old and still wake up with those pesky blemishes. Some literally seem to appear overnight with the tell-tale white head glaring back at me in the mirror, while others remain under the skin and seem to have their own heartbeat. Whatever the case, pimples are a real pain in the face (and back, and neck and…well, ya know)

While every person’s skin is different, the below 5 tips may assist in preventing pimples. Give them a try and see what works for you!

  • Scrub a dub: Washing your skin when you wake up will help prevent the sleep-sludge from infiltrating into your pores, while washing at night will get the grime of everyday life off your body. Both of which will thwart the clogging of pores…which causes pimples.
  • Keep oil in the kitchen: If you are not a newborn baby or chef, oil should be avoided on the skin because it tends to clog pores. While skin should remain moisturized, opt for products that are not oil-based and free of fragrant.
  • Stop picking: This tip is especially difficult for me, as I find such pleasure in popping pimples. I’m sorry, but it is fascinating and provides personal enjoyment. However, the satisfaction is fleeting, as it can lead to scarring and may irritate the skin enough to induce another pimple.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated, which will prevent pores from closing and trapping in bacteria that causes pimples. Using a water-based cleanser will also assist in removing the germs on your skin and in your pores.
  • Sleeping Beauty: The human body is fascinating! While you are dreaming, your body is working to replace dead and damaged cells with new cells which leads to healthier skin. Getting plenty of rest is essential to this process!

While pimples are both physically and mentally irritating, they will go away. The above are tips I have found to be successful. Try one, try all, but don’t get discouraged! You are beautiful!