Close-up of concealer pencil corrector open liquid foundation bottle and jar of loose powder crushed compact powder makeup brushes and cosmetic sponges on gray textured surface
Image: JAYANNPO/Shutterstock

We would never walk out the door without concealer, but applying concealer the wrong way could be just as bad. Concealer is crucial for eliminating dark circles, covering up blemishes, and for adding minimal highlights. If applied incorrectly you’ll end up with purple or grey streaks where your foundation overlaps, as well as straight lines if not blended properly.

First of all, apply a base layer of primer before using any makeup on your face. If you skip the primer then your concealer will easily rub off midday, revealing all of your blemishes. Add a light layer of foundation next before using your concealer. This will even out your skin tone so that when you go to apply concealer, you’re dealing with a light blemish or light dark circle rather than bright red or purple tones. Now your concealer will go on easily, and you’ll need less to make it work effectively. After you finish using your concealer you’ll then apply another layer of light powder foundation to seal your concealer in place.

When applying concealer to baggy eyes you don’t simply want to try and cover up the dark purple area directly under your eyes. Create a tall, upside down triangle on each cheek under the dark circle. Blend the horizontal part of the triangle up into the dark circle zone. Make sure to go beyond the corner of your eyes so that the concealer reaches past the dark circle portion. Use the rest of the concealer triangle to blend the makeup into your cheeks. The purpose of adding concealer outside of the dark circle is to make sure its being applied to multiple textures of skin to leave you with an even look. Your under-eye skin is much thinner. If you only apply concealer to this area then you could make your dark circles even more obvious because you’re separating them from the rest of your skin.

For blemishes, add a small dot of concealer to the pimple or mark. Use your finger to gently dab the makeup on the blemish and in a circle around it until completely blended. When you finish with a top layer of powder foundation you will finish covering up the blemish. Don’t worry about completely covering it up with concealer. The goal is to use the two products to work together rather trying to make one work on its own.

Finish using concealer by adding a small amount to your chin, center of your nose, and center of your forehead. Blend these sections out. When you apply foundation and bronzer, this concealer will keep these areas illuminated, leaving you with an effortless contour.