face moisturizer for self-tanning
Image: Health X Live

Don’t you just hate when you touch your face and realize the pesky hair has already grown back? It’s an unfortunate part of life that the most sensitive spots on your face are those that require hair removal. Say goodbye to peach fuzz, upper lip hair, and excessive eyebrow hair without the watery eyes, red marks, or pain. We have remedies for each of these areas that will completely change the way you look at facial hair removal.


Your eyebrows will always be the most difficult because at the end of the day, there’s no way around plucking. Never take a razor to your brow unless you want ingrown hairs, cuts, and shaving bumps above your eyes. Instead, begin by rubbing your eyebrows with a washcloth soaked in hot water. Immediately apply some tea tree oil over your brows. After this preparation, pluck your eyebrows carefully. See our guide to plucking perfect eyebrows for assistance. These two quick steps will greatly decrease the pain you feel while plucking, and it’s much better than paying to get wax torn off your skin.

Upper Lip

Forget waxing the upper lip…no thank you. Invest in men’s razors to eliminate this spot of hair. Never use women’s razors on your face because they are typically much sharper and stronger. Use a foam face wash above your lip and gently shave downward. This is a safe way to shave the hair above your lips without ingrown hairs or shaving bumps. The hair on the rest of your face is much softer and thinner than your eyebrows, which allows you to use a razor.

Peach Fuzz

You can use the men’s razors for these areas as well. For this one, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a mirror. Use the foaming face wash over your entire face. Before covering though, make sure you know which areas need hair removal. Typically the sides of your forehead and the sides of your cheeks are the only places where peach fuzz shows up. Gently shave these areas without touching your actual hair. Always shave in a downward direction to keep from cutting your skin. Apply tea tree oil or a face lotion after rinsing to reduce any redness or irritation.