metallic pink lipstick
Image: Riches Forrags

How To Rock Metallic Lipstick

From brilliant golds to shimmering silvers to deep bronzes, metallic lipstick is a bold statement trend that you won’t want to miss if you’re looking to turn some heads. Yet you can even do metallic lipstick in a classy way that will allow you to wear it to the office, too. It truly is a versatile look. Below is your guide for making metallic lipstick work for you.

Know How To Keep It Subtle

Chances are, you may not want to look like a runway model showing off the wildest trends of the moment. That’s okay. You can still use this look in a subtle, casual way. Simply find a lipstick in a shade you already favor, rather than a striking, unnatural metallic shade. For instance, you can find metallic reds, subtle coppers and golden rose shades. There are even nude metallic shades out there.

Work With The Rest Of Your Makeup

A general rule of thumb is to keep the rest of your makeup subtle if you’re going for a bold lip color. If you layer on the heavy color at your eyes or cheeks, as well, all the color will compete and you’ll run the risk of looking like a clown. Keep the rest of your color subtle and light, and make sure the eye is drawn to what you’re trying to accent: your lips. Also, make sure the rest of your makeup is a basic matte in appearance. Too much shine will only create visual competition for your lips.

An exception to the rule is if you’re going for a bold statement look for a special outing. In that case, pair a shimmery lipstick with a matching heavy metallic eye shadow.

If you want to meet in the middle of subtle and wild, go with bright metallic lips and keep the rest of your makeup subtle and neutral. You can also go with subtle metallic lips and accents of metallic eye shadow.

Getting DIY With Metallic Lipstick

Can’t find a shade of metallic lipstick you like? Here’s a cool hack: dab some loose powdered eye shadow with a metallic tint to it over your lipstick. Instant subtle metallic look. The best part is that you’re working with a shade of lipstick you know you already love. Make sure to add the eye shadow to the center of your lips primarily to create a subtle look that adds a plump appearance.

Another idea is to layer a shimmering lip gloss on top of lipstick. Look for words like “frosted” and “metallic” in the lip gloss shade. Again, you’re working with a base shade you know works on you, while adding a metallic accent.

How To Apply The Perfect Metallic Lips

With bold lips that will steal the show, it’s essential to make sure lips are even. Luckily, when it comes to application, you actually have a couple of options for getting the perfect shape down. You can find a liquid lip color and apply with a thin lip brush to make sure the lines are perfect. You can also start with a matching lip liner shade. That will create a solid line to fill in color. Be sure to apply concealer along the outside edges to sharpen the lip lines.