Hun collage

You’ve probably seen half buns before. But did you know the name for them has been shortened to “hun”? The half bun is a truly versatile look. It’s pleasantly casual with a slight hint of elegance.

To get the look, it’s just a matter of pulling your hair into a half-up do, and then pulling the length of the tied hair into a bun. So it combines the convenience of pulling some of your hair back with the sophistication of keeping some of it down. It may seem like a pretty straightforward look, but there are tons of inspiring ways to wear the hun.

Elegant, basic hun

With this look, you’ll just pull your hair into a half-up do. Then twist the tied hair into an elegant, neat bun.

Double braid hun

For this look, you’ll fashion two French braids on the top of your head (each about a couple inches to the side of a middle part). Tie the lengths into a messy knot bun at the back of your head, and leave the rest of your hair hanging down.

Volume hun

With this look, you’ll tease and spray the very top portion of your hair so it has plenty of volume. Then tie the length leading away from the teased portion into a half bun.

Messy knot

This one is easy and perfect for casual looks. Tie a high half-up do, and then tie a bun so the length is only partially pulled through the tie. You’ll want a loop at the back.

The boho hun

For this, you’ll want a very slight wave in your hair, so some texturizing spray or a light bit of curling could help, if needed. Tie a half bun in an elegant swirling pattern. Add a couple of loose three-strand braids into the length.

Relaxed hun

Tie a half bun, but place it toward the back of your head rather than on top.

Wavy hun

This one’s a little like the boho hun, but with more waves. Make your hair nice and wavy, and then tie a loose, messy half bun.

Partial hun

Tie back some hair loosely into a half bun. Leave some lengths around your face. This looks especially nice with layered hair or long side bangs.