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How To Rock The Ombre Look

Chances are, you’ve seen celebrities and their two-toned hair colors, usually dark on the top and lighter on the bottom. Ombre is one of those trends that keeps getting more popular, and for a good reason. It makes the most of contrast for a stunning appearance. And no matter what shade of hair you have, you can apply the look. Whether you’re eyeing a darker top and blonde bottom, or a blonde top and pink bottom, below are several tips for making the most of the ombre look.

Dye Or Extensions

A popular option with the ombre look is to get extensions. It allows you to rock the look without the commitment. You can wear different bottom colors, and you’re not stuck with two-toned hair.

If you regularly change your hair color, getting extensions is a good option to consider. Having a dark top and light lengths can add complication if you want to go a different color. Then you’re dealing with two base colors that will contribute to the new shade you wish to go.

If you go for extensions, purchase high-quality ones that will look natural. Good ones will start with your top color and show the desired shade farther down, so make sure the base of the extensions match the top of your hair.

Choose The Right Ombre Shade

Whether you go with extensions or dye, the trick with the ombre look is to go only 2-3 shades lighter than your main color. Anything else will look too drastic and not tie in together. That means rich medium chestnut with black hair or light blonde with dark blonde hair. The exception to the rule is when you’re going for unnatural colors, which are meant to look wild and unexpected.

Where To Place The Color Change

This is a consideration that flies under the radar. It’s easy to think, ‘I’ll just slather the color at the bottom of my hair wherever.’ Just keep in mind that the color change should happen below the jawline. Anything above that, and you’ll look like you just haven’t gotten around to dying your hair in months.

This is also the time to consider how drastic you want the look to be. Ombre ranges from chucky highlighted ends to a full color change. If you want to look a bit more natural and understated, consider just going for chucky highlights on the ends. Do allover color on the bottom for a more dramatic look.

How To Dye Your Hair Ombre

If you’ve decided to go the chemical route, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Rather than slathering the bottom of your hair with dye, tie off your hair in sections with hair ties. Make sure the hair ties are where you want the color change so that you have a marker on where to end the dye. This will allow the color change to be more even. You should look like you have several ponytails around your head when you are done. Then follow the dye or bleach instructions under the hair ties.

When you’re done, you’ll have a stunning, trendy look. Keep it looking nice by paying extra attention to your ends with moisturizer so they don’t get brittle. Invest in a weekly deep conditioner, and make sure to condition after washing. Now you have everything you need to rock the ombre look!