how to shrink jeans
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Need to know how to shrink jeans? Maybe you’ve you bought jeans that are too big? Have your old jeans gotten looser through wear? Most new jeans on the market shrink a little after washing them. This happens when denim is pretreated in a sanforization machine to reduce the amount of shrinkage that happens after your jeans’ first wash. Shrinking jeans are ideal for people who find it difficult to get jeans that fit them to their satisfaction. It takes time and effort to get this done. The end results are customized jeans that fit just the way you want them to. Without further ado, here is how to shrink jeans.


To shrink a pair of jeans, you can get that done in several ways and possibly, you can decide to shrink just a little part or sides of the jeans. Very simple, all you need do is to soak the part of the jean you want shrunken and get them dried and that is all. Hot water can be one of the best methods you can use to get your pair of jeans shrunken easily.

How to shrink jeans in the bathtub

  • A very simple way to get your pair of jeans shrunken is in the bathtub, although this can be done in two ways:
  • You can get this done by putting on the pair of jeans and head straight to the bath.
  • Put on the jeans while it remains damp on you. The results of the two methods are the same.
    Soak your pair of jeans.
  • Fill the bathtub with hot water. Soak your jeans and leave them in the water for at least an hour.
  • Dry your jeans.
  • Dry your jeans with a towel after removing your jeans from the hot water. An old towel or a dark colored towel is suitable to avoid the negative effect of the dye from the jeans on the towels. You can sun-dry the jeans once there is no moisture left after towel drying.

How to shrink jeans in a washing machine

You can choose to shrink your jeans using a washing machine and dryer. The good news about this method is that it does not take much time and effort on your part. The washing machine is a great help in getting that done easily; although it is more expensive than other methods since a machine and dryer are used.

How to shrink jeans using the wash and dry method

Using a washing machine, make sure that the water setting is on hot and add a liquid fabric softener. Adding other clothes into the machine with the jeans will only spoil them because of the dye on the jeans. Dry the jeans using the highest heat setting. Leave it until the jeans are completely dry. One basic difference between sanforized and unsanforized, (preshrunk) jeans is that preshrunk jeans do not stretch while sanforized jeans do.

How to maintain your shrunken jeans

Care for your shrunken jeans is important once the process is completed. Here’s how:

  • To care for shrunken jeans, wear them frequently.
  • Do not over wash the jeans. Wash only when it is necessary to avoid future shrinkage.