how to style a bob
Image: dinkat

Spring and summer is the time for everything new, including changing up your hairstyle! New season, new you! Be it a new hair color, a new hairstyle, or simply a parting the hair at a different angle. Our choice of hairstyle is a bob, but how do you style a bob?

Think about it! This is a very feminine hairstyle that still allows for different types of styling, and it will not make you hot during the summer months. We know the struggle of long hair on hot days. And frankly, one day you will realize that you spend more time with a ponytail than you spend with your hair down. What is the point of having long hair then?

Social Influences

If you are still hesitating, just watch Downtown Abbey again. How stunning was Lady Mary with that new radical hairstyle of hers? At that time, the bob was basically a sign of feminism. It was a daring haircut worn by daring young women.

The bob has inspired strong women as far back as the 15th century when Joan of Arc wore it. But it came in fashion only in the 20th century. Women in the roaring twenties managed to show the world that, even with short hair, they could still look stunning.

How to style a bob to create the romantic heroine look?

The first option in how to style a bob is to curl your hair with a wide curling iron to create soft and romantic waves. With a light daytime makeup, this look will bring out your feminine side and hide all of your sharp edges.

Pin-up girl

To channel your inner Daisy Buchanan, you can do a pin-up curled look. For this you should curl your hair at the bottom, keeping the top of your head sleek and smooth and pin the curls in place, starting with the ears and working your way down – creating the 20s inspired look! Put on the perfect rouge, a shade of lipstick, and you will look as if you have just left one of the secret parties where you drank alcohol from teacups.

How to style a bob to look like a rockstar?

To create more of an edgy look, you can approach it in a very simple way. All you need is hair gel and some bobby pins. Sleek the hair on both sides of your head toward the back and secure them in place with the pins. Tease the hair at the crown and be ready to rock! Smokey eyes will accentuate this look even more.

The updo

Short hair does not mean that you have to swear off updos. Tease your hair and pull it up. Twist it and secure it in a bun. The more texture you give to your hair the better effect you will get. You can add volume, you can curl your hair a little, or tease it, whatever works for you and gives your hair the best effect. The updo is the simplest way on how to style a bob.

Having a new hairstyle can do wonders for a woman’s self-esteem. A bob gives you an ocean of possibilities for styling and a fresh new look. And who knows, maybe this powerful hairstyle will boost your confidence!