how to style a pixie cut
image: WAYHOME studio

In the event that you may be considering having a pixie haircut done, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind before truly going ahead and having it styled. Your hair can easily be noticed by people on first glance and hence, you would want it to look up to standard while also achieving the shape and style that you require. To help with how to style a pixie cut along with the quest for choosing a suitable pixie style, there are a few recommendations we will share that will help you accomplish this along with some guidelines.

Pick your preferred style first. There are a variety of style choices that are open. Among them are the normal short pixie cuts, the shaggy styles, the choppy style, and even some boyish looking styles. It is important to be cautious in choosing a style that you prefer, especially if you are contemplating a boyish inspired pixie hairstyle. If you are contemplating going with this style, have a talk with your beautician at first to get their master appraisal about the finished look. They can help you to make a well balanced pixie hair style that will be just perfect without making you appear childish.

Not every style is favorable to everyone nor is any style perfect. You should examine a couple of pictures to help pick which style you prefer before going to get the cut.

When you have picked a style that you are satisfied with, start exploring the upkeep needs of it. While the normal, short pixie hair style requires very low upkeep, regular trimmings are needed to maintain a fresh and clean look. The longer shaggy or wavy pixie hair styles do not require trims, but requires more time invested on styling to give it the best look. There is a need to balance your styling need with the measure of time you can set aside for maintenance for the best pixie hair cut.

To demonstrate the different ways in how to style a pixie cut, we’ve came up with a few examples listed below.

Side Swept Pixie

To achieve this polished look, sweep all your hair to one side with a fine-toothed comb and set with a finishing spray.

Faux-Hawk Pixie

Create upward spikes with a holding spray for hold and definition.

Coiffed Pixie

 Give your pixie a slight lift by adding a boosting spray or cream to the roots.

Waved Pixie

Dress up your do with a curling iron and setting pins by creating finger waves for a retro look!

Braided Pixie

This is a romantic, yet edgy style that is accomplished by using a holding spray or gel for grip and staying power.

Slicked Pixie

For a polished, wet look, add a gel and oil to straight strands and style.

A gorgeous pixie style is perfect for going anywhere and in any outfit. A great style and cut fittingly ensures that you are content with the pixie haircut that you would not mind up keeping for months to come. With these great tips and tricks, you will have answers as to how to style a pixie cut whilst keeping up with one of the most demanded hair trends in the world.