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If you’re anything like me, changing seasons can wreak havoc on your skin. Especially in the winter, my skin experiences extreme dryness and even gets flaky. While I desire a natural and dewy glow, the winter temps can often leave me feeling frustrated and piling on as much moisturizer as I possibly can. However, sometimes moisturizer is simply not enough to restore the dryness on my face and I reach the point where I need some extra help. This is where facial oil comes into play.

There are a variety of different types of oils—essential oils, non-fragrant plant oils, and synthetic oils. Although each of these oils offers benefits in their own ways, I strongly advise that you avoid putting essential oils on your face, as these can cause aggravation and sensitivity. While they may smell good, they often contain ingredients that are less than desirable to be soaked in to your face. I would recommend sticking with non-fragrant plant oils for the best results. Although these oils can be used anywhere on the body, we are going to highlight the benefits of using oils to restore and repair your face.

If you have been experiencing dry, flaky, and dehydrated skin, then facial oil may be an ideal option for you. When your skin is experiencing such dryness, a moisturizer alone does not do the trick. The best thing to do is research the many different variations of oils and find one that suits your preferences. Then, try adding the facial oil to the moisturizing routine you’ve already been doing and see what happens. Instead of changing up your entire skincare routine, simply mix in a small amount of oil to your moisturizer, massage it into your skin, and voila! You will notice a more smooth, hydrated, and soft complexion. Another option is to lather the oil onto your skin before applying moisturizer. Once you have your facial oil, you will be able to experiment and see what method feels best on your skin.

Facial oil gives you a natural-looking glow and allows you to nurture your dry skin back to a healthy and hydrated state of being. By adding oil to the moisturizer you already use, it is easy to stop at any time if you encounter a more humid season or notice over-hydration. The best way to think about facial oil is to think of it as a supplement to your skincare routine. It is an extra boost and something that can easily be stopped if your skin no longer needs such intense hydration.

Facial oil can be super expensive, but single oils with plain packaging can often be found at health food stores for a fraction of what you may pay at a cosmetic counter. No matter what your budget may be, there is something out there for you. As seasons change, I hope that you are able to achieve and maintain the skin of your dreams by using facial oil!