how to use highlighter
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Applying a highlighter can give your skin a beautiful color boost and enhance your bone structure. It only takes a few seconds because you are only applying it to a few small areas of the face. However, just a few dabs of highlighter can brighten up the entire face. Even if you are new to applying makeup, learning how to use highlighter is easy.

How to use highlighter

Cream highlighter and powder highlighter are two of those wonderful gems in your makeup arsenal to give you the glow, infusing a little bit of life into your look. To get the most from your highlighter, start using it following the eight techniques below!

Start by applying foundation and concealer.

Applying a foundation and concealer will help to ensure a more even canvas for your highlighter and other makeup. Concealers aid in hiding minor imperfections and brighten the skin even more. Take the time to apply your usual foundation before you begin to apply any highlighter and use concealer if desired.

Apply highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones.

Take a blush brush or a kabuki brush and use it to apply a bit of cream highlighter to the area just above the cheekbones. You can apply one layer for a subtle effect or apply multiple layers for brighter and more vibrant highlights.

Bridge of the nose.

Rub a bit of highlighter onto the fingertip and then dab it onto the tip of the nose. Move your finger back and forth to blend the highlighter. Remember that you do not need much in the way of highlighter, just a small dab.

Brush some highlighter down the center of the forehead.

To accentuate the center of the forehead, you can sweep some highlighter down the center of the forehead towards the bridge of the nose. Start at the center of the hairline on the forehead and sweep straight downwards. If you want a more dramatic highlighting effect, then you can sweep the highlighter all the way down the bridge of the nose.

How to use highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes.

Use a highlighting eyeshadow brush and get a little highlighter on the tip. Then, take the brush and press it into the corners of the inner eyelids. You can apply a couple of layers if you want a more dramatic effect or just apply a light dusting for some subtle highlights.

Sweep highlighter onto the brow bones.

The areas just below your eyebrows will catch a lot of light, so this is a nice area to highlight. Try sweeping highlighter over the brow bones, the areas just under your eyebrows. Try to keep most of the highlighter on the outer edges; you do no need to apply highlighter to the entire brow bone.

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You can also extend the highlighter down towards the creases of the eyelids for an extra eye brightening effect.

Add a dab of highlighter just above the upper lip.

The area in the center of your upper lip is called your cupid’s bow. Highlighting this area will draw more attention to the lips. Get a small amount of highlighter on your fingertip and press it onto this area. Do not apply the highlighter to the actual lip, just to the area right above it.

Brush highlighter over the center of the chin.

Highlighting the center of the chin can also help to draw attention to the lips. Try sweeping some highlighter onto the center of the chin. Be careful not to apply too much highlighter to this area. You only need a light dusting. If you highlighted the forehead, then try to keep the highlighter on your chin aligned with it.

Now you know how to use highlighter on your face. On what other parts of the body would you like to learn how to use highlighter?