Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

You may have seen rainbow highlighter on shopping excursions online. If not, it looks like an artist’s palette, like something you might use to paint in watercolors. It comes in one tub of rainbow hues.

The product is from an Etsy entrepreneur with a shop called Bitter Lace Beauty, and the rainbow highlighter itself is called Prism. It was so popular the Etsy shop had to shut down in mid-spring of this year while the creator makes new products. To meet demand, there was one tub selling for $1,225 on eBay at one point, that’s how popular this product is.

Right now the Etsy shop allows for a pre-order that will be filled in 7-8 or 9-10 months. The creator says it takes 12 hours to make 100 pans due to setting down the individual layers, and considering that the product went viral, it may be a while before we can all get our hands on this. Though the creator said they’re working on mass production methods.

But what is rainbow highlighter and how do you use it? Below are some top tips for making the most of this hot makeup trend.

The basics of rainbow highlighter

Rainbow highlighter is what it sounds like. It’s a highlighter that imparts rainbow shades. It can be blended to give a general silvery appearance, or applied with a straight swipe to leave a shimmering rainbow on the skin. It’s so shimmery that it works on all skin tones. It’s usually applied right to the outer cheekbone, between under where the eye ends and just about to the hairline. The apple of the cheeks work if you want a more bold look, as well.

Tips from the creator for use

The act of applying rainbow highlighter is surprisingly easy. The creator, Jenna Georgesc, stated in an interview that using your fingers to apply the product gives her the best results. Just swipe your finger in the pan, and then swipe it onto your cheek. Rub to blend the colors, if you want.

If you absolutely feel like you must use a brush, the creator of Prism recommends a dense contour brush. Make sure to sweep with a side motion, following the lines of the color. Don’t swirl the brush around.

How to make your own

Can’t wait for this product? If you’d like to do something similar, one Reddit poster made a rainbow highlighter out of crushed eye shadow mixed with shimmering highlighter and white pigment powder. Plus, she added a few pearls of Guerlain Meteorites Powder.

She eyeballed the mixture until she got a shade she liked. Then she added alcohol to form a paste and layered the shades side-by-side into a makeup container. Then she pressed with a paper towel and allowed the product to dry for a day. It won’t be quite the same as Prism, but it could work if you’re in a desperate pinch until the product is more widely available.