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There are so many ways that you can wear a bandana and step up your entire outfit. You can tie it around your neck in order to add a dash of cool to your look, or you want to look cute by placing it on your head. If you’ve picked out a cute one, but you do not know how to wear a bandana yet, then you are in luck. We will be discussing the different ways that a bandana can be worn.

How to Wear a Bandana as a Hair Accessory

It was mentioned earlier that the bandanna can be placed on the head for a cute look, and this is true provided that you know how to wear your hair correctly. Here are some of the methods for doing just that.

Large Headband

If you want the bandana to have a retro feel, this is the best method for you. Fold the bandana flat and tie it around the crown of your head.

Pin-up Style Headband

Do you want to relive how women have worn their bandanas during the 1940s? This is the best style of headband for you to have. Remember that the knot should be on top of your head and it should not be big enough to be distracting.

Hippie Style Headband

Have you seen the way that men and women wore their bandana back in the 70s? This may be the best style for you to try. Pair this with those round sunglasses, and you will look like you stepped back in time with a twist.

Over your ponytail

You know that your ponytail can be boring, especially if you are not too familiar with the methods to make it stand out. The best thing to do is to tie a bandana over your ponytail. You will instantly add some coolness to your overall look.

Use it as a hair wrap

Have you always found hair wraps cool? This is the chance to use your bandana for this purpose. Just make sure that your bandanna is large enough to be used as a hair wrap, or this hairstyle may fail.

Do you like the methods of how to wear a bandana so far? Remember that there are still more, and you can also use the bandana as a neck accessory.

How to Wear a Bandana as a Neck Accessory

There are some classic ways that you can wear a bandana the way that celebrities do it.

Front-Tie Bandanna

This is very simple. Just use a square bandana, so that you can achieve this look with ease. Do not forget to double knot so that the bandana will not come loose when you move around.

French Knot

Do you want to use the bandana the way that the French do? This is a sophisticated style that can make your bandana more glamorous than usual.

Cowboy Style

If you plan on wearing a cowboy hat, you cannot complete the look without the right cowboy bandana. This will be fun to wear too and it can protect your neck from the harsh rays of the sun.

Did you like the different things that you learned about how to wear a bandana? You can try out each one so that you can have fun with your outfits.