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We’ve given you tons of hair hacks to make your hair shinier, longer, more moisturized and healthier. But what about getting volume and length instantly? This is where hair extensions come in to save the day. While they can be gorgeous, sometimes it’s hard to make them look natural and not like you’re wearing strips of fake hair.

If you follow these tips, mastering your hair extensions will be easier than ever. And your hair will show it.

Purchasing the right extensions

Finding the right pair of extensions for you is hard, but one of the best brands we’ve found is Fashion Source. They’re 100% real human hair and they have tons of colors to choose from. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get real human hair extensions, as they will obviously look the most natural. No one wants half their hair to look like plastic.


When it comes to the color and style of your extensions, they obviously aren’t going to match your real hair perfectly. To fix this, consider taking them into your salon and having your stylist match the color to your hair if you find that they’re not quite right. This way, you know they’ll look normal.

Before you insert the extensions, make sure they match the way your normal hair is moving. If you don’t wait to flat iron/curl them while they’re already on your head, simply style them accordingly and lay them flat to cool off and let the style set.

Inserting extensions

When inserting extensions, it’s important to work in sections. First, section off a majority of your hair above your ears and secure it with a clip. Insert the three clip panel here and make sure it’s secure and blended.

Then, let a medium sized chunk of hair down and secure the rest up again. Now, insert the four clip panel just above your ears. This one is longer and goes almost all the way around your head, so placing it up higher will give you more volume where you need it.

Finally, insert the remaining smaller panels throughout your head wherever you think you need them. One important tip: tease your hair around where you clip in the extensions so that they have something to grab onto, and so that they blend in easier.

Making them look natural

In order to make your extensions match your real hair, add the same products you usually use, like dry shampoo and shine serum.

When it comes to washing them, use the same shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair. Wash them whenever you notice any product build up or you feel like they’re dirty, usually every few days.