A little bit about me…I am terrible with any math equation outside of basic arithmetic and my knowledge of science reaches only slightly beyond understanding H20. So when I was asked about Hydrolyzed Gelatin, I had to turn to the experts!

According to Katie (my sweet-loving-holistically-trained- Internal Medicine practicing-friend), Hydrolyzed Gelatin is basically just gelatin…which I know very well! Gelatin is simply the result of using water to break down collagen to make it easier for your body to use.

Consider for a minute the amazing ways collagen benefits your body…then imagine it in a super-simple form that your body can readily use without the hassle of having to break it down before consuming. That’s Hydrolyzed Gelatin!

This incredible scientific process is not only a super cool conversation starter, but Hydrolyzed Gelatin also provides these amazing benefits:

  • Skin: Provides elasticity to your skin, giving it a youthful glow and helps to prevent premature wrinkles
  • Hair: Promotes hair growth and shine
  • Nails: Strengthens brittle nails so they grow longer and stronger
  • Sleep: This one is a BOGO. Gelatin helps you sleep, and new cells are created while you sleep. When these new cells are created, old ones are kicked out. So, better sleep and better cells…two-for-one!
  • Bones: Like skin benefits, Gelatin also allows for more flexibility and mailability in your bones. This sounds odd, like “why do I want my bones to be flexible…they should be strong?” That is true, but you also want them to move with your body to prevent breakage and stiffness.

While you could absolutely increase your Gelatin intake by eating lots of gummy bears and Jell-O (and that is totally the way I would prefer) it probably isn’t the best and most sustainable method in the long run. SHUCKS! So, you can opt for Gelatin capsules or Gelatin powder. The cool thing about Gelatin powder is you can mix with water to drink AND mix with shampoos/lotions/beauty products to enhance the effects. You know how much I love multipurpose products!