ink drizzle nail art

One look that’s been popping up on sites like Pinterest is the pretty ink drizzle nails. You get a fun, abstract pattern that looks like thin lines with paint drips here and there. The look is most commonly attributed to a nail salon in Japan called NAIL-COMMON.

For a basic way to get this ink drizzle look at home, start by painting a base color on your nails and let that dry. Put your fingers on top of a piece of paper that you can throw away. Then dip the nail polish brush into your color you want drizzled. Hold the polish brush above your nails until the polish starts to drip and run off the brush. Wave the dripping brush over your nails like you’re drizzling chocolate during baking. You’ll need to clean up with a nail polish remover on a cotton swab afterwards.

Beyond that, there are several ways to do ink drizzle nails. Below are some styles to get you inspired.

Black and white drizzle nails: This is the most common look you’ll see. It starts with a white basecoat, and then the drizzled polish is jet black. It helps the thin drizzle lines show the best, since each nail has one or maybe two drizzle lines.

Drizzle nails with nude base: Another popular look is a nude base in the lightest brown with drizzled black and white polish on top of that.

Neutral drizzle nails: One idea is to combine the two looks above with both white nails and light brown nails. Then the drizzle color is the opposite of the basecoat, so white drizzle on light brown and light brown drizzle on white.

Negative space drizzle nails: Paint the nails in a clear gel coat to get a flawless sheen going. Then drizzle whatever color you wish on top of that. A deep, rich color like purple looks nice.

Horizontal drizzle nails: One idea is to do the negative space look above with the clear gel basecoat, and then drizzle the polish in a horizontal pattern so it’s just in the middle of the nail.

Whole nail drizzle: Drizzle nails are typically defined by a minimalist drizzle, like maybe a couple lines per nail. This look covers the nail is a horizontal drizzle pattern.

Grey drizzle nails: This looks puts a bright white drizzle over a neutral grey base for a classy look.

Glittery drizzle nails: For a bit of shimmer, one idea is to have a single drizzle line and then surround it in some glitter.

Dark drizzle nail: For a deep, rich look, drizzle black polish over a dark grey basecoat.