Image: Invisibobble

Invisibobble: Ponytail Without The Crease

Say goodbye to marks and split ends! Invisibobble is a hair tie that won’t leave a kink in your hair, which means you can throw your hair up when you want and wherever you want. Every girl knows the struggle of using a hair tie to pull your hair back for a short period of time, only to take it out later and realize you can’t leave it down anymore. With these Invisibobble hacks you’ll be able to pull your hair back down and have it looking just as put together as before. Due to its telephone cord shape, it places uneven pressure around the circumference of the ponytail.

Because Invisibobble doesn’t put the same amount of pressure on your hair as regular hair ties do, you will also be protecting your hair’s longevity and preventing split ends and breakage. This lack of pressure also prevents the common hair tie woe which is a headache. You’ll never experience a headache when wearing Invisibobble, guaranteed.

Headed to the beach? Invisibobble doesn’t absorb fluids, won’t wear out, and can be easily taken out of wet hair. The hair tie’s material will prevent wet hair getting tangled in the tie when removing it as well.

Invisibobble is compatible with every hair type—thick, thin, curly or straight, it will always hold a strong grip. You can purchase your own Invisibobble at a variety of places for about $7.95.

Check out the hair tutorials below to see how Invisibobble hacks can also be used for up-dos, boho braids, and beachy waves—no bobby pins or styling tools necessary!

Boho Bun Braid

Beach Waves